Thursday, June 1, 2017

Life lately!

Well, life is marching right on, wouldn't you know!  And at this season in my life, I just really haven't been able to make time to post on here, and I've come to terms with that :)  But I was clearing pictures off of my phone tonight at I just felt the urge to post some pictures of our crew and give a little update!

Since I last posted, Ryan turned 11, Hannah turned 4, Sophie turned 7 and Calvin turned 9, we got a puppy, we've almost completed the school year, Michael has done some cool woodworking projects, we bought a second car and we've sat through a lot of baseball games!  It's been a busy, good, hard, regular old few months around here.

Here is a little update on the kids!

Ryan just had his "crossing over" ceremony today, celebrating his elementary school experience and wishing him and his classmates well as they head off to middle school.  Yes, you read that right, MIDDLE SCHOOL!  I am freaking out just a little bit.  Ryan is a good boy, but he is a boy who is growing up.  He's a pro at eye rolling and never taking our word for anything :)  I am not ready for these years!!!

But he has had a great year at school this year, has good friends, is a good kid, and has worked hard at some new skills, like learning how to play the saxophone, being in choir and playing on a baseball team.  He has started a good little business mowing lawns in our neighborhood, and I am glad that he is learning about hard work and responsibility. 

Ryan still likes cars and planes, but I think he is figuring out that there is more to life!  He is more interested in sports these days, and instead of always saying he wants to be a Nascar driver or a pilot when he grows up, these days he sometimes also says that he wants to be a lawyer so he can make a lot of money.  So who knows!  His favorite things these days are eating (anything but squash and tomatoes or tomato sauce), spending time with friends, playing ipad at Grandma's house, and pretty much any activity where people pay attention to him.  Some things never change!  That's comforting.

Calvin is growing up, too, but not quite as fast as Ryan :)  Calvin still loves rocks, reading Calvin and Hobbs, and talking about Pokemon (will not be sad to see this interest go out the window someday!).  He is signed up for a track club for the summer, which he is very excited about!

Calvin is still out tender little guy.  He is brought to tears on a daily basis, it seems, but I wouldn't change his tender heart, even if I could.  It gives him a softness and a sweetness serves him well, and will serve him even better as he continues to learn to get a handle on those emotional overload moments.

I had a cute moment with Calvin the other day.  Sophie and Hannah were talking about doing a talent show and they invited Calvin to join them.  Calvin didn't really answer, and a few minutes later he wandered into the kitchen and nestled his head into me and said, "Mom, do I have any talents?"  I answered him saying, "Oh Calvin, you have so many talents that this could take all day!  You are a great artist, you are a great singer, you are really good at piano and you've been learning it really fast, you are strong and very talented at physical things, I mean, how much time do you have right now, because I could go on and on!"  Then he smiled a little at one corner of his mouth and said, "No, that's ok, Mom."  Then he scampered off hollering to Sophie, "Hey, Sophie, I know what my talent is going to be!"

That little guy melts my heart.  He is learning and growing at getting better at so many things.  He loves playing with friends, playing with Banjo, running around outside, climbing trees, reading, and doing screen of any kind.  He is also super excited about his trip to the Grand Canyon with Grandma and Grandpa Walton at the end of this month.

Sophie is becoming a lovely young lady.  She still has a vivid bossy streak, but it's pretty adorable when I catch her really trying hard to reign it in.  She is a rule follower, much like Ryan, and loves to be in charge of things.  This has served her well at school, where the urge to boss people around has somehow translated into leadership skills, and we get raving reviews from all of her teachers.

Today she had a presentation at school and she was one of the narrators and did the whole thing in Spanish, all the while shooting commanding looks at her misbehaving classmates.  Oh, Sophie!  She is doing so great in Spanish, though, and at reading, too.  She loves to learn, especially about animals, and wants to be a veterinarian someday.  She and Hannah are hot and cold, but I have seen more good interactions between the two of them lately, so I am hoping that they are on a relationship upswing!

We recently went to a wedding reception where they were going to have dancing.  Sophie spent a good deal of time before the reception worrying about the dancing, saying, "I wonder who I am going to dance with??"  Ryan finally stepped in and said, "Well, you could dance with one of the Holt boys (Some friends of ours with 5 boys in their family)!" Sophie quickly made plans to dance with Joey, and asked him to dance with her at the reception, which was the farthest thing from poor Joey's mind, who had absolutely no interest in or intention of dancing with a girl.  Sophie asked every boy within a few years of her age, but no one would take her up on it.  Finally, she danced with Michael, which made her feel a little better, but I think she is still grumpy about it to this day.  At least she's confident!

Sophie loves bacon, berries, mangoes, playing with friends, singing (and has a lovely voice!), Banjo, animals of all kinds, and wearing her Moana costume as she sings the songs from the movie.

Hannah is a force to be reckoned with, usually in a good way!  She is generally sunny and energetic and creative.  She loves to help us with anything we are doing, and she is over the moon when we take time to play with her.  When she gets in a stormy mood, watch out!  She can still throw a temper tantrum with the best of them!

Hannah wants so badly to grow up.  I got her a cute shirt last fall that is pink and says in sparkly gold letters, "Never grow up!"  Well, I shouldn't have told her what it says, because she absolutely refuses to wear it, because she does, in fact, want to grow up.  In the car driving around the other day she asked me to give her driving lessons.  I replied that when she was 14 or 15, I would be happy to give her driving lessons.  She got the biggest smile of all time on her face and shouted for joy, "AND THEN I CAN SIT UP THERE BY YOU???????"

Hannah had an at home preschool this year, where I switched off teaching with some friends.  We learned about the alphabet, but Hannah still can only name maybe half or a third of them, unless they're all there next to each other on an alphabet poster.  Then she's really good at that :)  But she loved preschool, and is super excited for her "real" preschool that starts this fall.

Hannah loves nature, bugs, Banjo, pickles, strawberries, Cocoa Pebbles, stickers, and coloring awesome pictures.  She drew an amazing dragon for me tonight, and then promptly crumpled it up and put it in a plastic baggy for safe keeping.  She is extremely sweet and loving, and absolutely exploding with personality, and we are lucky to have her!

So that's the kids these days!  Then there's the dog, I guess.  Banjo is a labradoodle, and he is about 4 months old.  He loves being with us, loves to play tug of war, and is okay at fetching.  He can be a sweet puppy, but he is totally a puppy, meaning he chews and bites and whines and destroys and mostly refuses to listen.  I am really hoping that most of those things are a phase that he will eventually grow out of!  We are still not sure that it was a good idea to get a dog, but here we are!  The kids love him, Michael and I like him some of the time, and I am hopeful that someday in the future all of the benefits will outweigh all of the work!  I am sure he will make a good family dog for us,  but there is a whole lot of puppy between us and that dog!  But someday!

And then there's Michael and me!  We are mostly boring :)  Michael has been doing a lot of woodworking, and he is pretty amazing!  I have been working part time and I am finally starting to actually do some bona fide marketing work, which is exciting.  We've been trying to find time for home improvement projects somewhere in there, but we are mostly just racing to keep up with the kids and our busy lives!  But we are doing just fine.  Tired, but fine!

So there you have it, a Moore family update!  Now, for some pictures!

Sophie with her birthday cake!

And with her friends at her Moana birthday party:

Me and Banjo:

Sophie and Calvin and Banjo:

Coloring Easter eggs:

Easter breakfast:

Doing some egg hunts:

Hanging out with Kelly and my parents:

Kelly meeting Banjo:

Banjo back when he was tiny:

My Calvin boy and me:

Calvin with his birthday cake:

And with his friends at his party:

Hannah loves swings!

Calvin loves the laser tag guns he got for his birthday:

Sophie being silly:

Hannah squishing Michael's cheeks and getting squirted:

Banjo refusing to go for a walk:

Out for a family stroll:

Hannah and Banjo at a baseball game:

Michael and Melanie and Marshmellows!

Hannah sure loves Melanie:

Calvin's first black eye!  Thanks, gym class!

Sophie's new hair cut:

A very nice picture of Ryan and me:

Hannah before her hair cut!

Hannah and Banjo:

Ryan and Banjo:

Hannah and me:

Ryan's choir group:

Ryan and his good buddy, Luka:

Hannah and Sophie waiting in line with me on a cold day.  Can you spot Sophie??

Hannah's preschool group (plus one little sister who really wanted to be in the picture!):

A fairly accurate representation of how this year of preschool went:

Going to the movies with Grandma and Grandpa:

Kelly and a slice of flag cake that I made:

Hannah in Indecision City--er--I mean the Dollar Store.   She spent a full 45 minutes trying to decide what to buy with her $1.  It ended up being watermelon flavored gummy bears.

With cousins on Easter: