Sunday, January 15, 2017

I totally never post on here!

Hannah did something funny, and I went to write about it, and then I realized that I haven't posted since July.  Whoops!  So here's a funny Hannah story, for those of you optimists that still occasionally check in here :)

Michael and I have been talking for a long time about installing ceiling fans in our living room, so we finally went to go pick some out.  We took Hannah to Home Depot with us, and she was excited to help pick them out.  However to get to the ceiling fans, you have to go past the chandeliers, and once Hannah saw those sparkly chandeliers, no ceiling fan was going to cut it.  She kept saying that she wanted the beautiful ones, and when we would tell her how great the ceiling fans were, she would simply tell us that they were not beautiful.  

In desperation she tried to persuade us to choose a fan with blades that looked like banana leaves.  When we said no, she pretty much lost it.  It was getting late, so we came home and tucked her into bed, and then we measured out where the fans would eventually go, and stacked the fans in the corner to be installed in the near future.  This morning Hannah woke up and came out of her room, glanced in the living room, was shocked and appalled at the utter lack of new things on the ceiling, and then climbed in our bed and said, "There were supposed to be two beautiful ones in there and there AREN'T ANY!!!!!!!"  

Little goof.