Monday, June 20, 2016

Nauvoo Fishing!

We recently took a trip to Nauvoo, and the kids did such a great job fishing that they deserve a whole post about it!

We got to Nauvoo on a Thursday night, and after a bit I took the three big kids down to the dock.

Sophie was the fishing champ that night. She landed 7 fish, and had at least 2 others hooked that flopped off before we could get a picture. Sophie just wanted to catch a bunch of fish, so she was using a tiny little hook and catching the baby crappies off the end of the dock.

Ryan took second place with 3 fish. He started out with some bigger hooks and lures, then eventually decided that he really wanted to just catch something, so he switched to what Sophie was using and was very pleased with his success.

That night Calvin stuck to his guns, and waited for a big fish. At the end of the night he was sad that he hadn't caught any, but I told him how proud I was of him for trying to catch a big fish and he perked up considerably.

The next day was busy and I only ended up taking Hannah down to fish. She caught three fish. She's a good little fishing buddy. She mostly listens when I tell her to reel in fast, slow or stop, and she's not afraid to throw the fish back in. She can't cast yet, but she can press the button and drop the line off the end of the dock.

When we got to the dock there was a mom and two girls playing on the dock, and something black with a tail that ran behind the mom as we approached. Hannah said "Dad. Dad. Dad, can we pet the....the...the animal?". It turned out to be a baby pig, and it was very happy to sniff and nuzzle Hannah with it's little piggy nose, and Hannah was happy to be nuzzled.

The next morning was Calvin's turn to shine. He's our early riser, so we went down to the dock as soon as he woke up. A nice old guy was pulling good sized crappies out one after another and gave them to us. More importantly, he showed us what bait and hook size was working for him, so we switched to that (weighted head jig hooks with clear-green twister tails!) and Calvin quickly pulled in two nice crappies and a sunfish.

At one point Calvin had a big one on the line. It bent his little pole in half and swam all around the dock and finally broke the line. Another guy we talked to said that there were some big 4 pound bass in the lake, so that's what we're saying it was.

We kept the best 4 crappies and let the rest go, then headed up to camp just as Caroline was starting to cook breakfast. We cut some fillets and wrapped them in tin foil with butter, and the kids had fish with breakfast.

Fishing wasn't why we went to Nauvoo, but the kids sure had fun with it! I'm proud of my little fishing buddies!

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