Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Sophie's Golden Birthday

Well, it was Sophie's much anticipated golden birthday this year--she turned 6 on April 6th!  When I say "much anticipated", I mean mostly by Calvin, who makes a big deal about golden birthdays, mostly, I think, because he is grumpy that he has to wait until he is 22 for his :)

We ended up having Sophie's party on the day before her birthday after school at our house, and it worked out really well!  She decided that she would like to have a puppy dog party, and so that's what we did!

Sophie has delightful little friends, and I can honestly say that it was a pleasure having them all over!  She has a little friend from school named Harper who has the same birthday, so I made them each a shirt with a golden "6" on it so they could be matchy-matchy on their golden birthday.  Sophie was over the moon!

Her party was just right!  It was an hour and a half long, and we started out with "Doggy, doggy, where's your bone?", "Mama dog" and "Pin the bone on the dog", and then we moved right along to pizza, cake, ice cream and presents, and then played for a little while longer until it was time to go!  Sophie loved it, and had so much fun celebrating with her friends.  It was a great 6 year old party!

The next day was Sophie's actual birthday, and her breakfast request was "balloon sprinkle pancakes", so that is what we had!  Sophie opened presents in the morning, and was SUPER excited about her swim lessons, and liked her game and brand new pillow with pillowcase that I made for her.  So she skipped off to school in her golden birthday shirt and had a great day.  Hannah and I visited her at school for lunch, and it was fun to do that with her.  I brought some little golden baggies and fake jewels and gold coins, etc., and made little treasure bags for her to bring to school to give as a birthday thing for her class, since they no longer allow you to bring treats (insert parental grumble).  But she loved them and was so happy about them!

After school we headed to AnnaMarie's house where we met up with Grandpa and celebrated again with dinner Sophie's pony cake that she picked out for me to decorate and some ice cream.  It was a great day to be a 6 year old Sophie!

Sophie's dirt and bone cupcakes:

Playing with some friends at her party:

Sophie and Jane, two peas in a pod.

Pin the bone on the dog!


 Doggy, doggy where's your bone?

Sophie and her sweet friend, Eleanor:

Cake time!  We sang and did candles for both Sophie and Harper, and they were so happy!

Opening presents at her party:

I left to get kids from school and asked Michael to put up a few streamers.  This picture doesn't do it justice, but I came back to a crepe paper engineering masterpiece!

After Sophie opened this card, she looked at the envelope and then turned to Michael and me and said with a genuine, excited smile, "Here, this is for you guys! For when you need to send a card to someone else you know...named Sophie!" For some reason, Michael and I thought it was so hilarious.

Sophie on her birthday eve, after we put up her streamers:

Birthday sprinkle balloon pancakes!

So excited to be 6!

Opening her presents:

She was really excited about this shirt:

Sophie and Harper in their golden birthday shirts:


The treasure bags for school:


Sophie and her pony cake:

This birthday song is so Sophie!  She has a plan for how things are supposed to go, and if they don't go that way, watch out!  The birthday song "extras" were making her mad as a little birthday hornet. Oh, Sophie!  We love you!

Here are some things that I want to remember about Sophie at 6:

-Sophie is really growing up into a young lady.  She is more patient, more understanding, and more mature than she has ever been, and I constantly look at her in amazement.

-That being said, she is still 6!  And still fairly dramatic!  Especially when things don't go the way that she was planning, like the birthday song!  It takes quite a bit of effort to redirect her at that point.  Usually talking gets us 80% of the way and tickling takes us the last 20%.  I don't know what I am going to do when tickling stops working!

-Sophie loves school.  She is doing great with Spanish and really loves being there.  She adores her teachers, and I am constantly getting good reports about her.  One teacher stopped me in the hall one day and said "I am just amazed by Sophie!  She is just so thoughtful and mature for her age!"  We are proud of her!

-Sophie loves to eat yogurt, fruit, fish, meat of essentially any kind, and likes mustard on just about everything, and still does not care for mayonnaise, ketchup, creamy dinner foods, or sometimes chocolate.

-Sophie is a natural at making friends.  Everywhere we go and every situation we are in, Sophie just magically makes friends.  She doesn't care if they are older, younger, or different in any way, she just is a great friend maker.

-Sophie is a tenderhearted girl.  She cries when people she loves leave, even for just a little while.  She even sometimes cries if I visit her at school lunch and then have to leave after lunch is over.  She is a sweetheart.

-Sophie is a great singer.  I like hearing her sing.

We love our Sophie girl!

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