Monday, May 9, 2016

Hannah Turns 3!

Goodness gracious, time goes by so fast.  I can't believe this little lady is 3 years old already!  It seems like only yesterday she was my squishy-cheeked little baby.

Hannah's birthday was great, though, and we had a lot of fun celebrating with her.  We had her party during the day on Friday while the big kids were at school, and it was nice just having Hannah's little play group friends along for the party!  She was so excited to have them over!  We played some games like "Mama Cat" and duck duck goose, and then we really just let everyone run around and play until it was time for cake!

Hannah loves Batman, and so we made her a Batman cake this year and gave her a Batman shirt to wear!  It was especially fun because her good buddy Colton wore his coordinating Batman shirt :)  Hannah sure does have some sweet little friends, and it was fun to watch her get so excited for her celebration!  After cake we opened presents, which is always fun, too.

On Hannah's actual birthday she woke up bright and early to streamers on her bed and we had toast and eggs and frozen blueberries for breakfast, which she was super excited about.  We also let her open presents right away, and she was very excited to get a Batmobile toy with Batman and Robin, a new book, and probably something else, but I can't remember what it was right now :)

After that she played around for the morning while the big kids and I got things going for their Jump Rope for Heart cocoa and muffin stand!  Then we drew with chalk on the driveway while the big kids advertised for and ran the bake sale.  Hannah was happy to tag along for the ride, and the kids had fun.  Our neighbors came out to support, which was so nice.

Hannah's birthday was also general conference, so we came back inside for that and ran the bake sale some more in-between sessions.  It was a nice, sweet at-home kind of a birthday, but we had a lot of fun together.  It was a great day.

Hannah's Batman Cake:

And her matching shirt!

Hannah and Jack and Aiden waiting for friends to arrive:

Hannah and her buddy Colton in matching shirts:

Playing in the basement with friends:

Hannah with her friends Keaton and Jillian:

She was very solemn during the birthday song.  No messing around.

Here's a video of her birthday song:

Opening presents:

Party favors:

Playing around:

Playing with her birthday pandas from Grandpa Ernie:

Good morning, Hannah!

With Sophie and the Batmobile:

Excited about her streamers:

I thought this was cute:

Watching the bake sale from the window:

Drawing with sidewalk chalk:

Bake sale!

The boys watching conference:

Hannah and Daddy snuggling:

Here are some things I want to remember about Hannah at 3:

-Hannah has decided how her day is going to go from the second she wakes up, and it is night impossible to change her mind once she has decided.  If she woke up happy, then the bounds in and snuggles us and giggles and scampers off to play and has a great day.  If she wakes up grumping from her bed, well, she's going to have a rough go.  She is definitely a threenager.

-Hannah has a knack for music.  She remembers lyrics really well and even gets the tunes right a lot of the time when I find her singing to herself.  The other day at my parents' house she was playing with a toy guitar that had a pre-programmed beat going and she was dancing to the beat like there was no tomorrow. 

-Hannah's favorite foods are yogurt, milk, cheese (sensing a theme?), bananas, pickles, turkey, grapes, spaghetti and pepperoni.  She does NOT like whipped cream, sandwiches, or when I tell her she needs to drink water :)

-She loves Lucy to pieces.  Lucy is my parents' dog that we are dog sitting for a month.  It is Hannah's dream come true, and she is so happy every morning when she wakes up and finds Lucy here, and especially when we come back in the door and Lucy greets her with a wag. 

-Hannah loves to collect leaves when we are outside.  I think it stems from me telling her that she could pretend to feed some leaves to her stuffed animals.  Now it's kind of an obsession.

-Hannah loves to pack a bag full of whatever tickles her fancy and cart it around with her wherever we go.

-At bedtime instead of a song, Hannah loves to have a story.  But what she really loves is to help tell the story.  Michael or I will start "Once upon a time there were 3 _______" and leave a blank.  Then she fills it in.  Last time I told the story it was "3 little pickles!"  It's always something new, but, at least when I'm doing the story, there is usually a mommy and a baby of some kind having an adventure together.

-Hannah loves to run and loves to be outside.

-Lately she wears her light up cinderella slippers as often as occasion permits.

We love our Hannah girl! 

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