Sunday, May 29, 2016

Calvin turns 8!

Well, our little Calvin bear is 8 years old!  I cannot believe how old he is!  Calvin had a great birthday this year.  As per our tradition, he woke up to streamers around his bed and was happy, happy, happy!  After a hand selected breakfast of donuts and fruit, Calvin was ready to open presents!  He got a rock hammer, protective eye wear, his own scriptures and journal, and swim lessons!  He was very excited.  Then it was off to school with the kids and birthday party prep time for myself and Hannah. 

Calvin had told me that his one birthday wish was to go to the soda shop and get a soda and play pinball for his birthday, but our day was so packed, that the only solution I could think of was to pick up from school to play hooky for a while!  So I picked him up and we met Grandpa Ernie, Christy, AnnaMarie, Tyler, Jack and Aiden at the soda shop where we all played pinball, picked out sodas together, got Calvin some fun candies, and then headed to Wendy's for lunch!  Calvin was so very happy, and it was such a nice time to spend with him!

It was so funny when we walked into the soda shop.  We had a sample near the front, and then Calvin spotted a worker we have seen here before stocking bottles in one of the aisles. He ran up to him and in an excited but hushed voice he asked, "Do you remember Michael Richard Moore?" The worker, who was kind and had a great sense of humor, said, "Oh, yeah, I think I do!" Then Calvin said, "Well, I used to be his son!" Then the worker chuckled and said "Oh, you USED to be? How does that work?" And then Calvin said conspiratorially, "Well, I still am, AND it's my BIRTHDAY!" The man then informed him that on your birthday you get to pick out one free birthday soda of your choosing. That plus free pinball? Calvin's birthday heaven!

After Wendy's we dropped him back off at school and AnnaMarie and Christy were lifesavers and came over to help me prep for Calvin's party!  Seriously, I would never have gotten it all done without them!  We got the cake finished, the house cleaned and decorated, and all of the games ready to play!  Whew! 

Then it was off to get the kids from school!  We had the party right after school, so by the time we got home, we already had friends here!  Calvin had requested a dragon party, and it turned out really fun!  We made How to Train Your Dragon-style helmets to pass out to everyone and had them get started on their dragon hunt in the back yard.  Next we played a few more games like "cross the moat" and "dragon races" in the back yard, which were super fun.  By then everyone was hungry, so we took a break for hotdogs, fruit and chips, and everyone was happy to sit in our (empty) kid pool together and eat :)

After that we did cake and ice cream, and the dragon cake was a big hit!  I was pretty proud of the way it turned out.  After we had served everyone and weren't paying very close attention, Lucy figured out a way to knock the rest of the cake off of the table and gobble the rest up!  Oh, Lucy!

After cake and ice cream we opened presents, which was a lot of fun for Calvin.  Next we played a game where there was a poster of a dragon covered in balloons and inside each balloon was a piece to a puzzle.  The kids had to pop the balloons, find the puzzle piece, and put the puzzle together.  It ended up being a photoshopped picture of Calvin as a knight in shining armor.

It was a great little Calvin party, and he had a great time having his friends over!  We spent the rest of the night relaxing and playing with new toys.  It was a great birthday!

Calvin asleep after we put up his streamers:

Big happy 8 year old!

Opening his presents:

Checking out his rock hammer:

Happy guy!

Playing pinball at the soda shop:

Lunch at Wendy's!

Me and my great big boy:

Enjoying their sodas:

Party time!  A bunch of dragon trainers in a boat :)

Dragon cake:

Singing to the birthday boy!

Cutting the cake:

Opening presents:

Playing games:

 Playing with Lucy:

 Here are some things I want to remember about Calvin at 8 years old:

-Calvin LOVES rocks.  He loves to collect them, read about them, fantasize about owning a mine and having tons of gemstones someday, you name it!

-He is becoming a pretty good shot at basketball, as long as the rim is lowered :)

-Calvin still has his emotional highs and lows, but he has evened out a lot lately, and isn't quite the hot and cold kid he used to be.  He is growing up!

-Calvin is really smart.  He reads a lot and remembers what he reads, and is always ready to add a fact or two to the conversation.

-He has a strong sense of right and wrong, and really tries to do what is right.

-He is 100% easily distracted by a Calvin and Hobbes book.

-He is an animal lover--a friend to creatures large and small!  But most especially Lucy.

-He looks up to Ryan, and especially excited to be in scouts with him now!

-Calvin cares about peoples' feelings.  He is observant of them, and will sacrifice to help others feel better.  He is a really good little friend.

-Calvin detests hot sauce or spicy things, with the exception of Bufalo Hot Sauce.  He will put that on just about anything!

-Calvin's favorite foods and pancakes, waffles, fruits (especially pineapple!) and edamame.  He really hates beans and bananas.

We love our Calvin.  Happy birthday, buddy!  We are proud of the young man you are becoming!

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