Friday, May 6, 2016

Birthdays for everyone! We'll start with Ryan :)

Well, it's official, I am a terrible blogger.  Guess what?  All of our kids had birthdays!  In February Ryan turned 10.  Then, in April, Hannah turned 3, Sophie turned 6 and Calvin turned 8.  And now I sure hope everyone feels good and celebrated, because I am ready to not celebrate anything else for a good long while!

Ryan's birthday was on a Friday this year, so we were able to have his party right on his birthday!  He even had the day off of school, which was pretty exciting.  We always let the kids open presents first thing, so Ryan opened his while he was still in his pjs!  Right away afterwards I took the boys to get haircuts, since it was long overdue.  Calvin was not very excited about the whole thing.  Ryan, on the other hand, was ecstatic.  He told the hair stylist that he wanted "a Justin Bieber haircut".  Uhoh.  She was quick on her feet, though, and showed him some pictures of Justin Bieber with normal looking hair.  Thank you, Fantastic Sam's Lady!

After the haircut, we played around and got ready for the party!  We made a cake shaped like the number 10 (not my best artistic work, but it was gluten, egg and dairy free for our party guests with allergies!  Woo!).

For Ryan's party we played some fun party games.  The first was "junk in the trunk" where you put a bunch of ping pong balls in an empty kleenex box and tie is to the kid and then they race with another kid to shake all of the balls out first.  So funny!  Then we played a speed cup stacking game, and then we had pizza, cake and opened presents.  Then the crowning jewel of the party-- Ryan REALLY wanted to watch "Newsies", and so we did!  Most of the kids thought it was pretty great, and the others went and played in the basement :)  It was a fun party, and Ryan had a lot of fun with his friends.

Opening presents in the morning:


Junk in the trunk:

Cup stacking:

Cake time:

New haircut:

Me and my handsome buddy:

He made this Lego creation.  If you look closely you can see that it says "It's my B-day"

Ryan helped me recreate some of his baby pics for some then and now comparison pictures.  Spoiler: he is huge.

Here are a few things I want to remember about Ryan at 10:

-He is still smart as a whip and continues to do well in school, except for penmanship and his habit of speeding through his work.  At least he's been consistent over the years!

-Ryan loves all things fast.  His interests have recently been shifting from cars to planes, a natural progression for a boy who loves speed!  Now he is pretty into WWII aircraft.  It is the subject of 99.9% of his artwork!

-Ryan is very much caught in that in-between stage of growing up.  He is stuck firmly in-between kid and adult.  I don't blame him, we probably make it pretty confusing for him, constantly asking him to be in charge of things and then concurrently telling him that he is not the boss :)  He is frequently spouting things like "Why don't kids get any respect???  Aren't we all humans???  Why can't I make the rules???  Why can't I go to work and make money and you stay home???" He keeps us laughing, or at the very least quietly chuckling!  These comments always seem to arise when he is asked to do his chores, but he doesn't seem to complain when he is off doing the fun kid stuff.  Go figure!

-Ryan is having a great year in school.  He has great friends and always comes home happy.

-Ryan has perfected the art of bothering his younger brother and sisters.  It is like he literally cannot help himself.  He reminds me so much of his Uncle James at about this age!!!

-Regardless of how much bugging he does, Ryan is still a wonderful big brother.  Calvin has a hard time at lunchtime at school this year.  I came to visit them at school for lunch one day and noticed Calvin sitting all by himself.  I asked the lunch aide if he usually sat by himself, and the aide responded "Yes, he usually does.  Until Ryan comes in for lunch about halfway through Calvin's lunch, and then Ryan welcomes him to his lunch table to eat with his friends."  I was so proud to hear that.  Ryan really does look out for his little siblings.

-Ryan still hates tomatoes and squash and loves meat of any kind, fish of any kind, cereal of most kinds, and slices of bread spread with sugar and butter microwaved for a few seconds.  Weird.

-Ryan is a treat vulture.  If I am ever making a treat, he materializes from nowhere to lick the beaters.

We sure love our great big ten year old!

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