Sunday, January 17, 2016

Fireplace pizza

Tonight we tried to make fireplace pizza. I (Michael) like wood-fired pizza and it seemed like a good idea to to try making it in our fireplace.

I started by getting the fire going. I put a 12x12 floor tile in the fire place so there'd be a clean non-ashy surface for the pizzas to go on. The first tile shattered soon after the fire was started. I figured it was because the hearth was so cold and the fire was hot enough that the temperature difference made it shatter.

So, once things were going, I moved all the logs to one side and put another tile in.

The first pizza (pepperoni, onion and cheese) flopped in half, like a calzone. One end was close to the flames and started burning. Then the cheese leaked out and the tile shattered.

This pizza ended up edible but slightly doughy in the middle and burnt on the edge.

Here's the burnt tiles. 

For pizza #2 (margarita pizza) I removed the broken tile, and moved all the embers to the side. The bottom of this pizza had a good layer of flour on it, so it slid off the pan more easily, but I didn't do it fast enough, so the back 1/3 ended up folded upsidedown under the pizza. This one was sort of edible. We ate it, but it tasted like disapointment.

Pizza #3 (hawaiian) mostly worked. I put down a layer of flour before putting the pizza down. I slid the pizza off the pan with a sharp sliding motion and it didn't curl over. I was even able to rotate it partway through cooking.

By this time the fire had burned down enough that it took the middle of the pizza a long time to cook. The edges all ended up burned (since I rotated it), but we were able to eat the slices and just not eat the crusts. 

Then as I was throwing the crusts into the fire, the fireplace door shattered. I'm not sure why.

So, for tonight's effort we got some mediocre to crummy pizzas, and a broken glass door on our fileplace. We probably won't try this again. 

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