Thursday, October 8, 2015

Paavo Half Marathon

Years ago while he was still on his mission, Benjamin asked for volunteers to run the Paavo Half Marathon with him when he got back.  I said I was totally game!  Well, fast forward to this summer to when I actually had to start training, and it was a little tougher than I thought.  But I worked hard and on the Weekend of August 8th we headed up to Ironwood, with our best and favorite Carolin in tow, who was visiting from Germany (yay!!!!), and Benjamin and I ran the Paavo Half!  We started out together, but it didn't take Benjamin long to lose me!  My goal was to run the whole thing, even the hills, and I did it!  And man, were there a lot of hills!  But it was a beautiful run, and I felt great finishing!  The first half marathon I did was the Monster Dash in St. Paul, and it had thousands of runners.  This one was much smaller, and they had full on banquet tables set up in stations along the race route, with every kind of food imaginable.  It was crazy!  I don't know who wants to stop at mile 8 for some sausage and some banana bread, but it's not me!  Maybe the full marathon runners did, who knows!  But it was a fun race, and it was great to do it with Benjamin!

After the race we showered and napped and later that evening we all hit the beach to cook out and let the kids climb around and find rocks and dig clay out of the side of the cliffs.  It was a beautiful afternoon, and I'm so glad we got to go.  Ironwood is such a great place to visit.  It's so fun to visit Grandpa and we always have a great, relaxing time.  It was a nice visit, and especially fun to have Carolin there!

Here Benjamin and I are before the race:

See?  We were running next to each other at one point...

Not for long though!

I had some great cheerleaders along the way!

Waiting for me at the finish line:

So happy to be done!

Carolin photo bomb!

Me and Benjamin:

The fam!

Hanging out at the beach:

Michael is such a good daddy.  He loves playing with these guys:

Sophie had a great time!

Michael and Hannah wading:

She was so happy to sit and look for rocks!

Benjamin and Carolin:

Rock skipping contest:

Our family:

 She had a muddy little backside!

Digging clay out of the cliffs:

They had a great time getting good and dirty!

Look at all that mud washing off of her!

On the way home, Carolin got to drive in America for the first time!

And she had a rootbeer to celebrate when we got back!

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