Monday, October 19, 2015

Moore Family Vacation Day 6

Wednesday was another fun vacation day!  We got up and got breakfast going, and then Christy's friend, Bryce, came for a visit.  It was fun to see Bryce again!  Some of us headed off to check out downtown Hayward, which was a super cute little place to shop!  We walked down Main Street and got fudge, popcorn, and some little trinkets.  It was fun to go and explore!

It was a rainy day, so once we got back to the house, we had a mostly indoor day.  We made a fire inside and roasted marshmallows, played games, Abbey led the kids in a dance party, made some good food, read books and once the rain cleared, we headed out and set up the camera for some family pictures!  They turned out great, and it was a fun time trying to get everyone to smile!  

And now for some pictures!

Hannah and Aiden eating breakfast together!

Aw, sisters!

Carolin and Benjamin!

Checking out Hayward:

Abbey and a moose and some popcorn:

That Uncle James sure is fun!

Happy girl!

Jack was a happy helper:

Abbey's dance party:

Christy reading boooks:

Jack sitting in Ellowyn's chair:

 Carolin making some amazing enchiladas!

S'more time!

Oh, Jane.

AnnaMarie and those babies!  She's a pro at the double arm hold.

 Our great big family!

All the Moore grandkids!

Bunch of goofs...

The originals!

And I snuck in a few of the Ferells, too!

Kids are in bed!  Grown up game time!

Every night AnnaMarie read a chapter from Harry Potter to all of the kids who were big enough to listen.  They loved it!

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