Monday, October 19, 2015

Moore Family Vacation Day 5

Well Tuesday was Benjamin's 21st birthday!  We celebrated by sending all of the kids in to bring him breakfast in bed and give him a good old-fashioned birthday pounce :)  It was a really fun day.  Katie Piispanen came down for the day and it was fun to see her!  It may sound repetitive, but we played games, swam, went boating, and hung out!  Again!  And it was GREAT!  Michael and the boys also tried their hands at fishing, but no one was very successful.  But they sure had fun trying!

After dinner we had a delicious and lovely birthday cake that AnnaMarie made for Benjamin and then he opened presents and we broke out those party blower things.  That was a mistake!  Those kids LOVED them, and there was no peace in that house for days until we found and destroyed them all! 

We ended the evening with more games and hanging out and, of course, ROOTBEER!  Another great day on family vacation!

Waking up the birthday boy!

See how happy he is about it??

Calvin and the other kids found some frogs!

Michael out on a canoe ride with Ryan and Hannah:

Calvin and Ryan all excited about whittling:

Daddy getting in on the action!

Playing the Game of Life!

Michael and Jane out in the canoe:

Then they picked up Sophie and took her along:

AnnaMarie snuck in a well-deserved nap:

Ryan winning in pool against Katie Piispanen:

Michael and Benjamin and Carolin racking up a new game:

Seth and William napping on the couch:

Happy little Sophie:

Sophie LOVED having a cooler full of juice out on the table like, every day!

Ryan had a lot of fun playing pool with everyone:

And so did Melanie!

We put on a show when it started raining:

Ellowyn and Seth!

Katie and Christy:

Plus Jane and Sophie!

Benjamin and his birthday cake:

Those darn party blowers:

Melanie just had to keep trying to get them.  Complete with grumpy face. 

More pool!

Sad birthday boy.


Carolin playing with Chippy (we brought her along for the vacation, too!):

Katie and Melanie and a LOT of pool balls.

Christy and Katie tubing! 

It was fun driving the boat!

Hannah came along for a boat nap.

Snuggling Uncle James:

And snuggling mom!

Ellowyn and Marianne:

Pretty much sums up Carolin's feelings about rootbeer:

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