Sunday, October 18, 2015

Moore Family Vacation Day 4

Well by Monday we were definitely ready to get back in our swim suits for the day and do some more boating and beaching!  We had a great time letting the kids dig around in the sand, play with the squirt guns, take out the paddle boats, and of course, go tubing!  We played around and the kids raided the snack bin and we all had a great time together! 

In the evening we had a really great family home evening.  Dad and Christy made up a fun game for us all to play where we each were assigned to ask another person how they met their spouse/ significant other and how they knew they were "the one".  Then we had one person from each couple tell their story and see how it matched up with the answer the spouse/significant other gave.  Did you catch all that??  But it was really really fun to hear everyone's story and have a whole bunch of good laughs.  Then Dad told us all the story of how he and Mom mom met, and then he gave us a great family home evening lesson.  I don't think I'll ever forget it.  It was a really special time together, and I felt such a deep love for and connection to our family.  It was one of my favorite moments of the trip.  Then it was outside to roast marshmallows over the fire!  It was a really great day!

And now for a bajillion pictures!  Again!  Do you see now why I needed to post each day separately??

 William and Melanie, playing at the beach:

Ryan is one cool dude.

 Benjamin also is one cool dude.

Katie burying herself:

Having some help:

 Jane out for a swim:

The ladies out for a boat ride:

Christy tried to make a crab!

I think she mostly ended up getting squirted.

Those squirt guns were well used.

Katie and Melanie:

Ryan and Melanie:

 Christy and Melanie:

Sweet little Ellowyn!

Ellowyn and Aunt Christy:

More Melanie!

Melanie and Jane:

Aunt Janny, Aunt Reeny, and ALL of the grandkids!

Boy she sure is happy!!

Boy he sure is grumpy!

Aiden and Melanie were good little buddies:

And so were Jack and Melanie!

And of course AnnaMarie and Melanie:

And who can forget Reeny and Melanie??  That Melanie sure hogs a lot of the pictures...

Out for a walk:

On the boat!

Katie and Ryan tubing:

Ryan and Michael and Grandpa out for a canoe ride:

Christy and Katie and Jane out for a paddle boat ride:

Carolin playing some songs for Benjamin, Melanie and Jack:

Raiding the snacks!

Playing games:

Haha, I love this one.  William squirting Seth in the face.  Classic!

Aiden and Hannah eating blueberries:

Benjamin reading a story to Hannah:

Abbey and Spencer:

Miranda playing tag with Sophie.  What a great Auntie!

 Another great auntie taking Jane and Hannah on a boat ride:

Something was funny.

James and Michael building the fire:

Gathering around!

Happy little Sophie on her own personalized camp chair:

Tyler, Keeper of the marshmallows:


Lovely Miranda:

Lovely Jane:

 Christy and Michael chillaxing by the fire:

Grandpa was an expert marshmallow roaster:

And Ryan takes after him!

Carolin played us some songs.  Such a beautiful voice!

Poking the fire:

Wrastling Hannah.

Katie and Ryan and marshmallows:

Oh, Jane and Sophie.

Grandpa giving Jack a hand:



Jack waiting patiently for his perfectly roasted marshmallow:

 Abbey and Melanie:

Marianne roasting marshmallows:

Carolin's marshmallow was on fire.

Grandpa snuggling Melanie:

Me and Michael!

Ryan and Melanie:

Michael putting more logs on the fire:

AnnaMarie snuggling Katie girl:

Carolin and Christy:


A thoughtful Michael:

James and Miranda:

Abbey and Melanie:

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