Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Moore Family Vacation Day 3

On Sunday we all got up and ready and headed to church in Hayward!  Dad had to be gone for a stake meeting in Duluth, but the rest of the gang went, and we made up half of the church attendance!  Dad let them know in advance that we were coming, so they even asked us to play the music and give the talks!  Thankfully, Dad asked Miranda and Spencer and Benjamin to cover it, and they did great!  It was fun to be there together.

After church we had a picnic lunch at a park, which was fun!  We let the kids play for a little while and then headed back to the house. After church I took some pictures of Ellowyn, of Abbey and Spencer and Melanie, and took some of my kids.  They were all good sports!

After that we played games, did crafts, played with play dough, played outside, and had a lot of fun together, as usual!  After dinner we played a fun game Christy had prepared for us, and it was a lot of fun!  Then we had a great time tasting rootbeer again, playing pool and lounging!  It was a good day.

Pictures with Benjamin after church!

Oh, these guys!

Benjamin and his friend who came up for a visit:

Thornock family portraits!

Haha, Spencer was mad at the gnats...


AnnaMarie snuggling Ellowyn:

Hannah having fun playing play dough!

Sophie got in on the action:

Having fun!

Ryan loved playing with Janny and Reeny:

AnnaMarie and I helped the kids make light up bugs:

Tyler had fun doing some bubbles!

And Benjamin had fun sitting there like this:

Melanie giving her mama some smooches:

The kids were super happy about the lightning bugs:

Marianne, Seth and Ellowyn!

More games!

Carolin making some yummy cookies!

Jane having a turn fishing:

Tyler's turn to snuggle Ellowyn:

Two high five masters:

Playing outside:

Pictures of my cute little kiddos:

The boys weren't quite as thrilled about pictures as the girls were, so I only got a couple of them...

Sweet little goofballs:

William and Melanie having fun with Spencer:

Look at that sneaky little look on her face!

Getting a wagon ride from aunt AnnaMarie:

More rootbeer!  It never gets old!

Playing pool:

 Christy's fun game!

Even Ellowyn got to try some.

Brothers lounging in a floatie.

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