Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Moore Family Vacation Day 2

On Saturday we had the one nice hot day of the vacation, and it was fantastic!  Janny and Reeny came brought these adorable little camp chairs that Reeny made and had each grandchild's initial on their very own chair.  So cute!  And Janny and Reeny brought a giant bin of treats for the kids to snack on all week long.  It was so thoughtful of them, and so fun to have them with us for a little while!

We blew up the water slide and it was a big hit!  I am pretty sure between that and the boat that the kids spent all day in their swim suits!  The water blob turned out pretty well, too, and Melanie especially thought it was fun.  Christy and I laid down on it for a while, too!  It was perfect for cooling off on a hot sweaty day!

At lunch time Benjamin got out all of his gifts from Russia and gave them to everyone.  It was so sweet of him!  Everyone loved their matryoshka dolls, cool hats and scarves!  Benjamin is a big sweetie pie.  And Carolin gave all the kids some little gifts and candy, too.  What a thoughtful gal! 

AnnaMarie and Tyler made Cafe Rio salads for dinner and they were amazing!  I love how we divide up the meals so that everyone has a day to cook.  It was awesome to have such great food every day!  Anyways, we had a great time out on the boat, playing games, and just hanging out.  And after the kids went to bed, we had our rootbeer tasting, played some games, and had some nice grown up time.  It was a lot of fun!

The kids trying out the water slide:

Christy and me trying out the water blob!

Out on the paddle boats:

Benjamin giving everyone his gifts:

Lookin' good, Michael!

Love this one of James:

Benjamin and all of his babushkas.

 Such a  happy bunch:

Look at those handsome guys!

Melanie blobbing along:


Hey there, Spencer!

Ryan insisted on wearing his flippers all the way across the very large lawn.

Cafe Rio time makes everybody happy:

AnnaMarie and Abbey!

AnnaMarie said she was having trouble with the tortillas and asked if I would help.  I came in and this if what I found.  I thought it was funny.

Eating dinner!

Like moths to a flame:

Reeny snuggling snoozy little Ellowyn:

Attempting to move the blob:

Hannah helping Grandpa open his fathers day gift from AnnaMarie--a book all about the last family vacation!

Reeny and Benjamin out on the boat:

Benjamin is one cool guy.

Christy and Carolin out on the tube!

Katie and Ryan out on the paddle boat:

Jane doing some fishing:

Tyler trying his luck:

He caught a clam!

Pensive Ryan:

Hanging out with Janny!

Benjamin is a very special boy.

Hannah was SO HAPPY to have that Baby Melanie around:

Soooo yummy!

Rootbeer time!

Grownup time = games and dessert.

And sewing!

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