Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Moore Family Vacation Day 1

Well, it's been two months since our awesome Moore Family Vacation in Hayward, Wisconsin, and I thought I would finally get around to posting about it!  The whole Moore gang was able to make it to the awesome lakehouse that AnnaMarie found for us to rent.  The only person missing was everyone's favorite soon-to-be Moore, Carli, who happened to be in Bulgaria at the time.  We missed you, Carli!

It was so great to be all together!  The house worked really well and fit everybody just right.  We had Carolin fly in from Germany for the occasion and had other visitors throughout the week,a nd there was enough room for everybody! 

AnnaMarie did by far the most prep work for the vacation, and she is just incredible.  Things ran smoothly in large part because of her hard work, so thanks, AnnaMarie!  Leading up to the vacation, Michael and I did some prep work, too.  I spent hours patching the waterslide bounce house so we could bring it for the kids to use, worked on making a blob for the babies to play on, and Michael and James and Benjamin did some prep work on some cool knives that they decided to make all together.  So we did some things, too! 

The day before we left for the vacation we picked up Christy, James and Miranda from the airport and went out to lunch all together with AnnaMarie and the gang.  We went swimming and packed up and on Friday morning we headed out!  Christy was good enough to drive with me, Calvin, Sophie and Hannah (Michael came up later with Ryan after he finished with a scout day camp), and boy was she a trooper!  We got a little lost, but made it in the end!

Abbey, Spencer, Tyler, AnnaMarie and the kids were all there already when we arrived.  Someone (Abbey maybe?) bought gigantic boxes of candy for each of the kids, so right off the bat, it was a success :)  We looked around the house and before I could blink the kids were in their swimsuits and out at the little beach!  Tyler swam out to the raft with them, and later I joined them.  They had such a great time and called the raft "Paradise Falls" and would do this thing where they would walk up to the edge while saying "Welcome to paradise..." and then step off the raft and yell "FALLS!" as they fell into the water.  They thought it was so hilarious!

Tyler rented an awesome pontoon boat for the week and it was so much fun to take it out and go tubing!  The gentleman who rented the boat to Tyler came to drop it off and Tyler agreed to give him a ride back (since he drove the boat over on the water) and mentioned to Tyler that he had to head to urgent care for some stitches since he cut his finger loading the boat into the water.  Well it was his lucky day, since Tyler is an ER doc.  So Tyler stitched him up (he was a brave guy--Tyler realized he didn't have a needle to administer the anesthetic so he just did it without--OW!) but he got him all cleaned up and on his way!  Once Tyler came back we all took the boat out.  So fun!

Other family members started arriving, and by the end of the evening we had everyone there! It was so great to be all together.  More on our awesome vacation adventures soon!

Here are some pictures from day one, plus some leading up to the vacation!

At Culver's with James, Miranda and Christy!

 Michael and Benjamin working on their knives:

Super cool guys.


Hannah insisted that Benjamin have Fruit Loops just like her so they could match.

James and Hannah helped me make the water blob!

Great way to start the vacation when you're a 2 year old--put on your mom's makeup!


Finally here at the cabin!  With giant boxes of candy!

Hitting the beach right away!

Calvin found some clams.  He was very excited about the clams.

Hannah was excited about the sand.

Sophie was excited about just about everything!

Marching off to the raft with Uncle Tyler:

Jumping off of Paradise Falls:

Doctor Tyler at work:


Sweet little baby Melanie!  And a wooden duck!


Those wooden ducks were in demand, let me tell you.  The little ones played with them all week!

And sweet baby Ellowyn, being awesome.

James and Miranda being awesome and playing with the kids:



James and Miranda heading out on the row boat:

Benjamin and James being brothers:

Discovering the pool table!  So much fun!

Calvin looking for clams.  This is right before he found the leeches!

Heading out on the pontoon boat to do some tubing:

Haha, love that Katie girl:

Me and my Hannah Banana:

Cute little Christy:

Love this one of Sophie:

AnnaMarie and the boys:

Happy old Katie:

Carolin and Benjamin:

Deciding who gets to go first:

Cute Carolin and Christy!

Benjamin, Katie and Jane taking the tube out on its maiden voyage:

They had so much fun!

And we all had fun watching.

Tyler was a good captain!

Seth and William enjoying the boat:

Benjamin taking Calvin and Sophie out for a ride:

Trying out the canoe:

Ryan getting some helpful pool pointers:

Benjamin being a boss at pool:

Christy being cute at pool:


Dear old Dad:

Christy and her cheese balls:

Michael hatched a grand plan to buy a bajillion kinds of rootbeer.  AnnaMarie and Tyler made it happen when they went to the big candy store in Jordan, MN.  There were over 100 kinds (if you include the sasparillas)!  And we taste tested about 15 each night.  So fun, even for people like me (and Carolin!) who don't actually like rootbeer!

Christy and Dad and Carolin helping me make cinnamon rolls for the morning:


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