Thursday, October 8, 2015


A couple of weeks ago we let the kids stay up late to watch the lunar eclipse!  It began around 8:45 pm and we let them watch until it was completely eclipsed, which is pretty late for our kids!  We went across the street and asked our neighbors if we could sit out on their lawn, since that was a better view.  We brought binoculars and took turns looking at the moon, and the kids really thought it was awesome!  We eventually moved the party to our back yard when Hannah was ready for bed, so we could keep an ear out for her.  It was pretty cool!  It was a "blood moon" so it turned a reddish color and was neat to see!  The kids were extremely pleased to tell their classes all about it at school the next day!  Although Chippy passed away later that night, after Calvin was asleep, and so when we told him the next morning, the first thing he said was, "I knew that blood moon was a bad sign!"  I assured him that it had nothing to do with Chippy's passing...

And now for some pictures!

Ryan taking a turn with the binoculars:

Sophie keeping an eye out for the eclipse to start:

Calvin and Sophie sharing binoculars in the dark:

Happy Calvin:

Sophie checking me out with the binoculars:

The moon partially eclipsed:

This one shows a little bit of the color:

The kids in the back yard:

Just a little bit left:

This is how red it looked when it was all the way eclipsed.  Cool, huh?

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