Thursday, October 8, 2015


Well, our beloved hamster, Chippy, passed away last Sunday evening.  She hadn't been doing well for the past month or so, so we kind of expected it.  Poor little Chippy had stopped using her wheel, had problems walking, and some other sad little hamster troubles, so we knew it wouldn't be long.

We prepped Calvin and we did some pictures with Chippy while she was still feeling okay.  About a week and a half before Chippy died, she really started looking especially bad, and so every day after that Calvin held her, fed her, held her water bottle to her mouth so she could drink, and changed the shavings from the area under her hamster house since she didn't move much.  He took such sweet care of her.

A few days before she died, Calvin was taking care of her and he realized that she was getting worse.  That was a sad day for little Calvin.  He cried and mourned for her all day, even though she was still alive.  Michael helped him feel batter that day by offering to build a little wooden box to bury Chippy in when she did pass.  I think that helped Calvin a lot.  He ended up painting it with sweet hearts and pictures of Chippy.

 I checked on her late at night after the kids were asleep and I knew that she wouldn't last the night.  So we woke Calvin up so he could say one last goodbye.  It was just the sweetest thing.  Little Chippy who couldn't hardly close and open her eyes and couldn't take a drink snuggled right up to Calvin and sniffed at his nose.  Calvin gave her a sweet gentle smile and told her he loved her and that she could be with her family now.  It was so sad and so sweet. 

When she finally did pass away, he had a slightly easier time than he would have otherwise had, I think, since he had already had a chance to grieve and process things. He didn't cry much, if at all, and was able to write and deliver a lovely eulogy for little Chippy at the graveside service we held for her int he back yard with AnnaMarie, Tyler and the gang.  Here is what Calvin had to say about her:

"Chippy loved lettuce, snuggling, having adventures, escaping from her cage, eating nuts, and she loved me. Some of my favorite memories of Chippy are when she snuggled with me and licked my nose, and when we celebrated her birthday with a hamster cake and she played tug of war with my mom. She was a good hamster, but I wish that she was still here. I took good care of her. She was very sick, and then I helped her get better, but then she got too sick. And now she feels better because she is in heaven. I hope that she has a good time there snuggling up to Peps.  Chippy, you are brave! You are valiant! You are cute and cuddly!"

That last line was Calvin quoting himself from last year, when I found him holding Chippy and giving her a pep talk, saying those same things.  It was sweet, and you could tell how much Calvin loved that little hamster. So thank you, Chippy, for being a great little pet for our boy.  You will be missed!

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