Thursday, October 8, 2015

August and Early September Photo Dump!

I ran across a bunch of pictures from my phone from August.  I love pictures.  My life is full of such good moments. Even when it seems so crazy and busy and stressful at the time, I love looking back and remembering those oh so good moments.

Trying out the water blob concept before the family vacation:

Wearing a sweet necklace Michael carved for me:

Kids getting hauled off to the slammer!  Just kidding, it was our neighborhood Night to Unite:

Back together with Carolin!!!

Me and my Hannah buddy:

I just think she is the cutest ever.

The kids got coupons for a free Dairy Queen cone at the Night to Unite.  Woohoo!  They look so happy:

Calvin saved up his chore money to order 10 geodes online.  He waited for James to come so they could open them together. Yay, rock nerds!

I told the kids they could work on a painting project outside.  They were a little too quiet, so I eventually went to check on them and found Ryan like this:

We went to our friend's house to celebrate their daughter's first birthday!  The kids had a great time!


Hannah and her buddy, Jillian.  Even though Jillian is just a couple of months younger than Sophie, she has really taken a liking to Hannah, and Hannah adores her for it!

Happy birthday baby Lacey!

On the last weekend of August we went backyard camping with our good friends, the Walz's.  The kids had so much fun fishing form their beach!

It was successful fishing!

Andy and Michael took Ryan out to do some wake boarding, so there were no menfolk around to remove the hook when Calvin caught yet another fish.  So Heidi bravely took over!


They named this one Finster and kept him in a bucket for a while!

Hannah and Clara are good little buddies!

Calvin and Hannah and Clara on the teeter totter:

 The next day the kids and I headed up to my parents' house for a little visit.  Here are Calvin and Evie sorting their fall leaves they collected on our walk:

Lily and Sophie were proud of their haul, too!

Sweet snoozy little Hannah, asleep on the couch after church:

Dinner on the patio!  With Lucy!

Hannah loved riding this little trike around their garage and driveway:

Sophie got a surprise purple stripe in her hair when she went in for a haircut!  She adores it.

Giving the cars a wash:

 Working on a sawing project with Grandpa!

Grandma snuggles with an awesome Kelly photobomb!

 Then Grandma and Grandpa came down to the cities with us and the next day we all went to the Minnesota State Fair!  Here's the kids with a kangaroo!

Sophie and Lily had so much fun just walking and talking:

Hannah the pony:

The girls were so proud of their swords that they won at a game booth:

Grandpa and Grandma with Cora and Hannah:

The girls trying on their beautiful new princess dresses from Grandma:

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