Sunday, September 20, 2015

School time!

Well, hello there!  It has been quite a while since I posted anything at all about our lives!  We have had the busiest summer ever.  It has been great to see people and visit family, but I am extremely glad that our lives have normalized once again, and that we are actually spending weekends at home instead of on the road!  Michael said we are not saying yes to any commitments next summer so that we can just have a nice, relaxing summer.  As of right now, I kind of agree.

School began the day after labor day.  This year Ryan is in fourth grade, Calvin is in second grade, and Sophie started kindergarten!  I can hardly believe how big they all are!  And Hannah is my buddy, going with me everywhere!  She is a good little buddy.

I took all of the kids to well child check ups the week before school started (I never took them when their birthdays rolled around...) and they are all doing great!  Calvin is my average-sized child, but the girls are in something like the 75th% for height and the 50th% for weight, and Ryan is still in the 98th% for everything.  They are all growing beautifully and are all healthy, and it always makes me so happy to hear.

The kids were so very excited for school to start--they were bouncing up and down, literally.  The morning finally rolled around and they were all smiles.  I always think it's funny how gigantic backpacks look on kindergartners. It was about as big as she was!  Well, we took a few pictures at home and then headed off to school, where we took a few more pictures.  The bell rang and the boys headed off to their classes, and Hannah and I walked Sophie to her room.

We found Sophie's cubby for her backpack and coat, said hello to Señorita Capó and then found her desk.  She was delighted to be there!  I told her I would miss her and that she would do great.  She took in a deep breath, looked around the room, spotted a girl sitting alone on the circle time rug and said, "Oh, Mom!  I think I see someone who needs a friend!" And then she flitted off to sit next to her.  So Hannah and I made our way to the door and Sophie turned to wave goodbye and blow me a kiss, and just like that, she was a kindergartner!  I am so proud of her.  I wiped a few tears and headed off down the hall with Hannah to peek in at the boys.  They were happily visiting with friends and doing some work already.  So then Hannah and I headed off into the sunset to begin our adventures of having just one child at home all day!

So far, things have been going well!  The kids, of course, are exhausted.  But they leave happy and they come home happy (mostly), and so I'd say, so far, it has been a success!  Spending her day being spoken to completely in Spanish hasn't seemed to bother Sophie so far, which was surprising to me, because I really thought she would struggle with that.  She is learning to count in Spanish and is picking up a few words here and there.  She is making a few friends and gets so excited when she sees Ryan or Calvin in the halls or in the lunch room or at recess.  The boys are enjoying their classes and teachers, too.  Ryan informed me that fourth grade is "a LOT like being in middle school!  Because we go to different class rooms for EVERY CLASS!"  This pleases him to no end.

Hannah and I have run errands, played with friends, napped, made food, gone on walks, gone for bike rides, you name it!  It  is so much easier to do these things with just one child!  Like crazy easy!  Her favorite thing to do is get together with Jack and Aiden.  In Hannah's words, "Jack and Aiden!  My buddies!  They love me!" 

It's a good life, and we're getting back into the swing of things around here!  Hooray!  And now, for some pictures!

Here are some pictures I took of the kids in August.  Happy little Hannah girl!

 Sweet Sophie girl:

Love this pictures of my girls together.  They are good buddies.

Calvin, my little lovebug/goofball.

There were a ton of gnats out, and this was the best smile he could muster out in the yard :)

Great big, grown up Ryan:

This one is bursting with personality.

 And I really like this one:

And now for the first day of school pictures!  Check out this gigantic backpack!

A "K" is a little hard to make, so she went with a "0".

Ryan with his "4"

I adore the outfit he picked out to wear on the first day.  He was so confident, and so HUGE!

Calvin by his flower garden!


Second grade!

All four!

Hannah looks excited!

Me doing the drop off thing!

A newspaper reporter showed up right as I was taking this picture and asked if he could use our picture for the paper.  We said yes, and so he took a picture of me taking this picture, and it was in the paper!  We're famous!

Sophie in front of her new school!

And with her new teacher!

And with her new cubby!

And at her desk!

Not the best quality, but we took this selfie!

And this one of her and Hannah!