Sunday, May 10, 2015

Oh, Sophie.

So, I have a billion things to catch up on with the old blog, here, but first, a funny story from today. Michael and I were standing in the kitchen, and I commented that it was really coming along. He agreed, and asked if I ever wanted to build a whole house together. I laughed at him, and then he said, "Well maybe a small house. In the back yard. In a tree. After the children move out, we can live there!" That was the end of the conversation.

Little did we know, Ryan had been evesdropping and ran downstairs to inform the other children, except he hadn't quite gotten all the details correct. A minute or so later, up comes Sophie, crocodile tears streaming down her face, very upset, frantically muttering something along these lines, "Ryan told me what you said, about leaving us all alone and moving to the backyard without us!! It's just MEAN!" and then sobbed into Michael's chest as we held her on the couch and reassured her that we would never leave her, but that someday she will probably want to leave us, and that she would be welcome to visit us in the tree house any time. Oh, Sophie. Then we cheered her up with a story about how she could live in a nest and have a bird for a neighbor.


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