Sunday, May 17, 2015

New Fire Pit!

This week we did a lot of running around, but we did manage to get a start on a bunch of projects including this new fire pit!

This will be our third fire pit since we moved here. The first was just 4 12x12  pavers stuck next to each other on the grass. That lasted just one summer.

Then we dug a square hole and lined it with some bricks. and put a metal band around the top. That lasted 4 years. Those bricks are finally crumbling, probably partly because we douse them with the hose to put the fire out.

In the last 4 years our apple tree has grown, and the neighbor's tree is reaching a littler further over the fence, so we decided it was time to build a new fire pit and move it a little further from both of those trees.

The kids did a surprisingly good job working on this project. Ryan carted almost all of the cement blocks from the front yard himself and all the kids worked on digging and moving rocks.

Sophie wanted to rescue all the worms she could find. She was a little upset at first when I insisted that they kill the lawn grubs they dug up. 

This week I'll need to widen the hole a little bit and scoot all the bricks out about an inch. That'll leave gaps between the bricks to let air into the fire. One weekend soon I'm going to have a cement projects day, and patch up everything that needs cement. When I do that I'll cement the top layer in place and between the gaps on the top layer so it's smooth.

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