Sunday, May 3, 2015

Kitchen Update May 3

Things have been moving too slowly to merit a full blog post, but we have gotten some stuff done. Here's a wrap-up of February, March and April.

At the end of February I replaced the bottom window in the door to our garage. It's been a junky piece of plastic ever since we moved in. I used the glass from the storm window from the window we replaced over the sink.

I scored and snapped the glass. Luckily I had two pieces to work with because I screwed up the first one. 

I used glaziers tacks, then put a bead of silicone around the glass then put the trim back over it.

Looks better!

Next was trim. I hate doing trim.

We started with some composite trim but it shattered and just didn't look nice, so we took it back and bought oak.

Oak looks nice but you have to pre-drill the nail holes if you don't have a staple gun, so I drilled a lot of holes.

We trimmed the window...

The sliding doors...

and the door to the garage. We also added a chair rail because the kids rock the table and bump chairs into the wall and it was denting the wall already.

I finally got to the cupboard faces too! We extended this cupboard so I extended the ceiling and put a new face on it.  

Same thing for the mini cupboard next to the dishwasher (currently holding our plastic bags since some of my tools are under the sink).

Finally this weekend we got started on the rolling shelves we talked about way back in November.

They're not done yet, we were just testing some things.

We started with some nice heavy-duty casters from Ax-Man. Two inches wide with 4 inch rubber wheels and very sturdy. They can lock straight or be set to swivel. Most of the time we'll just want them to go straight, but if we need to move the shelves somewhere else, we'll have the option.

We looked at a bunch of designs and Caroline decided she liked the pipes and plumbing fixtures look which made things simple. The wood is just a 2x12 cut into pieces, I didn't even sand it. The vertical supports are galvanized steel pipes.

Home depot charges per cut and to thread your cut off pipe pieces, and I didn't know exactly how this was going to come together until I started making cuts,  so I bought a cheap manual thread cutter from Harbor Freight. It works, but it's hard work!

Next week I'll finish the shelves by:
  • Drilling holes in the pipes and using  hitch pins or something to hold the shelves up (in the picture they're held up by clamps, just for the photo.
  • Cutting the last 10 little pieces of pipe and threading them
  • Staining it (?)
  • Adding a metal rub strip into the closet
  • Adding an anti-tip device so kids don't pull it over on themselves.

Here's a bad photoshop of what the shelves will look like in their closet. There will be a door that opens too, so they won't be visible.

Here's what's left to finish the whole kitchen project:
  • Silicone the baseboards
  • Re-paint the walls
  • Finish roll-out shelf
  • Make cupboard doors
  • Make cutting boards
  • Paint door to garage
  • Paint and install trim between cupboards and ceiling
  • Build spice rack
  • Install the brickmolds on the outside, around the sliding door and kitchen window and paint them

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