Saturday, May 9, 2015

Kitchen Update May 10

It feels like things in the kitchen are moving again.

First of all, we added the drawer pulls to the two fake drawers in front of the sink. The pulls have been sitting there on the counter for months and I finally just did it. Took 10 minutes. Yay.

 Caroline bought a 6 pack of masking tape and got painting. Here she's painting the parts to our dishwasher cabinets.

Speaking of the dishwasher cabinets. Having to work in a cramped space to fix or replace a dishwasher is a pain, so I made it as easy as I could. The top trim and kick plate both come off with just a couple of screws, and then removing two more screws lets you slide the side panel completely off.

Future dishwasher fixers (me, probably) will be greatful. 

Caroline also painted the back tall cupboard. There was a long running debate. Our upper cupboards are white and our lowers are blue, so what do we do about the one cupboard that goes from floor to ceiling? 

And here's our tall roll out shelf!

As I mentioned last week, the shelves are tall and a bit tippy. Here's how we solved the tippyness. I thought it up myself and felt pretty clever, but it's probably based on something I saw at some point along the way.

Bonus video: The jig I made and used to drill the holes in the pipes.

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