Friday, April 3, 2015

Hannah is 2!

Well, that's it!  She's not a baby anymore!  Our Hannah girl turned two yesterday.  The time has gone like a flash.  Hannah had a great birthday yesterday.  The night before I rant o the store to get a big Olaf balloon that Hannah has been eyeing from afar each time we go grocery shopping.  I decorated her bed with streamers and put the Olaf balloon next to her.  Well she woke up with a piercing scream and ran crying into my room.  Turns out she likes Olaf fine from afar, but up close, she is terrified of him.  Whoops!  Sorry kid!  Throughout the day, her tolerance for Olaf slowly increased.  By the end of the day it was more like this:

Anyways, after moving Olaf, she jumped happily into her birthday, enjoying cinnamon rolls and smoothies for breakfast and then opening a couple of presents.  She loved her t-shirts we got for her, and decided to wear her Minnie Mouse one.  Later she ended up putting them all on at the same time :)

After breakfast we dropped Calvin off at school, got Ryan swabbed for strep (negative!  Woo!), dropped him back off to school, and then headed over to a park to play with our friends.  It was a beautiful day, about 65 degrees, and it didn't get windy until the afternoon, so it was a perfect park day!  Hannah ran around, so excited about the slides that she could barely contain herself.  We've visited the park a couple of times while it was cold, but this is our first warm park experience since last fall, and it was the perfect birthday activity for Hannah!  Thanks to our friends for joining us!

On the way home from the park we picked up some french fries (one of Hannah's favorites) so we could bring them home and eat them with our lunch.  Then I let the girls eat lunch while watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse before laying down for a little birthday nap.  Well, a nap for them, and time for me to bake a birthday cake!  So I baked the cake and cleaned up and once the girls woke up, we headed out to run a couple of errands before picking up the boys from school.

After school, Hannah picked out the frosting and sprinkles for her cake, the kids all ran around the backyard together for the rest of the afternoon.  They had a great time out there, digging up rocks and climbing trees and pretending to mow the lawn!  We had a fancy dinner of frozen pizza and steamed broccoli once Michael came home, and then we let Hannah open her presents from Grandma and Grandpa Walton.  Boy, was she excited!!!!  She got some princess magiclip dolls, a couple of ponies and some kid jewelry, and she couldn't have been happier with them!  The we sang to her, did cake and ice cream, and then she spent the next 90 minutes playing contentedly with her new toys.

Hannah got lots of phone calls from people she loves, and I think she really had a great birthday!  And now she is a great big two year old!  So happy birthday, Hannah!  You are sweet and funny and unpredictable and loving and creative, and we love you so much!

Here are a few things I want to remember about Hannah at this age:

-Lately when she wakes up in the morning, the first thing we hear is little footsteps plodding towards our room and a pleasant little voice saying, "Mommy!  Daddy!  Happy now!!!"  just to let us know that she is not grumpy anymore, and that she is now happy enough to get out of bed.

-Hannah doesn't really eat much these days.  She likes smoothies, berries, french fries, sliced turkey, crackers and broccoli pretty reliably.  Then there is an entire category of food that she always asks for, but hardly ever actually eats.  These include apples, apple sauce, oranges, sandwiches, toast, cereal, bananas, pizza, rice, and probably a lot of others.  Then there are foods she really dislikes.  Right now all I can think of in this category is anything creamy like whipped cream, pudding or yogurt.  Ice cream is a notable exception.

-She loves, love, loves to read books.

-If I would let her subsist off of milk, she would.

-Hannah loves her cousins, Jack and Aiden.  She says their names like it's just one name: Jackandaiden.  Some days, that is her answer for everything. "What do you want to do today?" "Jackandaiden." "What would you like for breakfast?" "Jackandaiden."  "What's your favorite color?" "Jackandaiden".

-Hannah is still the most polite toddler ever, and I LOVE it.  She almost never forgets to say please, thank you,  or no thank you.  She also sometimes says you're welcome, and always tells me she loves me, too, when I tell her I love her.  She tells me good job when I do something she likes and cleans up after herself most of the time when she's done playing.  I love that girl!  Keep it up, Hannah!

-Hannah almost never walks anywhere.  If she wants to go somewhere, she RUNS (she still doesn't really get the idea that if she's rounding a corner, she has to slow down if she doesn't want to hit a wall or slip and fall, which she does a LOT)!  If she doesn't want to go somewhere, she does what we lovingly refer to as"the floppy fish."  She purposely loses all muscle tension and flops on the floor or in your arms, making it almost impossible to get her there unless you are really determined :)

-Hannah loves bedtime songs.  She loves "How much is that doggy in the window", "You are my sunshine", "Twinkle, twinkle"and "I am a child of God", and she loves to sing along!  She's got a good little singing voice, and I love to hear her sing bits and pieces of her favorite songs throughout the day.

-Hannah likes to dance.  If she gets excited, she often does a wiggly little happy dance.  And she loves when we play music and dance with her in the living room, especially Michael.

-Hannah is a bit of a bully to kids about her size and bigger.  I've heard some stories from her nursery class at church, and I see it all the time at home, especially in her interactions with Sophie.  If Sophie doesn't want to share a toy or something, Hannah will do whatever she has to do to get her way.  Pull hair, hit, throw toys, you name it.  None of my kids act this way towards her, so I am at a bit of a loss for how this came to be.  She is a total sweetheart to babies, though!  So at least here's that!

-This girl loves to be outside!  I am anticipating a fun summer with her!

-I would still say that Daddy is her favorite, but she does like me a little better than she used to :)

-Hannah loves to help me with whatever I am doing.  She tries so hard to be big and helpful!  It's cute.

-If Hannah is downstairs and is being quiet, there is a good chance that she is in the bathroom filling toy cups and pitcher up with water.

And now, here are a bunch of pictures from her happy little birthday!  We love you, sweet little Hannah girl!

The kiddos at breakfast!

Hannah with her cinnamon roll and smoothie:

Happy girl:

Trying to figure out how to show a 2 with her fingers.  Never did get that one...

Teeter-tottering at the park with Sophie:

These girls were so happy to be outside!

This is the part where Hannah is wearing two shirts.  Also, Hannah was happy when Michael gave her some applesauce.  Then she took one bite, and proceeded to use the spoon to make a pile of applesauce on the table.  Yay!

And this is the part where Hannah is wearing all three shirts!

Opening presents!


Hannah got right down to business with her presents from Grandma.

I never noticed before that Hannah loves to line things up.  She did these all by herself :)


Cake time!


About to blow out the candle...

She tried for a while.  Then Michael helped her.  I love how the kids are cheering her on.


Happy 2 year old!  We love you, Hannah!