Saturday, March 21, 2015

Brazil Trip Wrapup

Rio to São Paulo to Washington DC to Chicago and finally to Fargo. 24 hours later and we were reunited with our kiddos. They had a wonderful time with Grandma and Grandpa. They all had some new clothes and lots to talk about.  We still cannot believe that they were willing to take them for 10 days--that is a TON of work!  They are amazing, and we are so grateful to them!!!

They met us at the airport with a sign...

 and were really excited to get cool stuff from Brazil, including new footwear from Kenia! Hannah in particular grabs them and brings them to us yelling FLEEP-FLOP, FLEEP-FLOP!

We decided that we wanted to get home right away, so after dinner we packed up the kids and drove back to Minneapolis, getting home at about 12:30 that night. Our trip was over.


Next time, the kids will come

It was fun to get away, but we sure missed the little guys. The first night home Hannah (almost 2 years old) woke up in the middle of the night crying for us and asked to snuggle us. In her sleepy little voice she just said "Mommy. Daddy. Home.". 

Next time we travel we'll be bringing the kids. Hannah is partly potty-trained and they're all getting old enough to listen and be helpful. 

Maybe we'll start with an easy trip though. Like to Canada or something. 

Azul Airlines

Azul Airlines is a regional Brazilian airline. Their service is amazing. We took 5 flights with them and they were all great. Every plane was comfortable and clean. The flight attendants were all cheerful and friendly. There were not drink or food carts. Instead for drinks they took your order down on a notepad and then brought the drinks on a big tray. It was so fast and they didn't have to block the aisles! I don't know why more airlines don't do it like that.  

They also had 4 different kinds of snacks (and not just dry pretzels) and if you hesitated to pick one, they'd just give you all 4!

Seriously, after flying Azul and then having to fly on United Airlines back to the US, having the crummy food and mediocre was disapointing

Brazilian Food

I love Brazilian food. Stroganoff, rice and beans, Brazilian style lasagna, all the fruits, cheeses and fresh juices. It's just terrific. I'll have to do some more cooking at home and try to make them.

The Brazilian Economy

For us, for this vacation the Brazilian Real was very weak and it made our money go farther. But I sincerely wish that the economy there was doing better so my friends from Brazil could come and visit me. Minneapolis is no Rio de Janeiro, but we like to get visitors too. 

Friends Forever

Finally, my favorite part of the trip was seeing old friends. I hadn't seen people from my mission for 12 years, and people from Sacramento for more than 15. When I saw them though, that same friendship that we had before was still there. 

It was so wonderful to see the people that I love and care about doing well, with good families and kids and jobs. I'm sad that I could only see each friend for a couple of days and I'm sorry that there were so many others that I didn't even get to see. We'll have to get back again before another 10 years pass. 

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