Saturday, March 21, 2015

Brazil, Day 9: Goodbye Brazil!

Sunday morning we woke up early and got started on waffles. Rodrigo had a brand new waffle maker! I don't think they're terribly common in Brazil, but there it was. So we made waffles instead of pancakes.

After breakfast Rodrigo headed off to church, Lídia stayed home with Levi, who was feeling sick, and Caroline and I played a little bit of hooky and went to see the Christ statue. The Christ statue is located within the Tijuca national forest, and lucky for us official Tijuca national forest vans have a station just two blocks from Rodrigo's house.

It probably took the van about 1/2 an hour to drive from the station up to the base of the Christ where we walked up the couple flights of stairs.

It was probably about 8:30 at this point and the sun was right in front of Christ's head (since the stairs lead up behind him).

A little higher up and you can see it more easily.

Hello lizard.

On a clear day there are fantastic views of the city, the beach and Copacabana. We got little views of the city through the morning fog (which was beautiful too) but we would've had to stay all morning for the sun to clear it all out.

Another view of the Christ statue.


Caroline used her mad German skills to ask a German tourist to take a picture of us.

After a while at the Christ statue we headed back down the vans, back down to the city (saw a monkey hanging out in a tree on the way!) and finally down to the subway. At some point we got hungry and stopped to get some pão de quijo, and it just so happened to be the absolute most delicious pão de quijo in the entire world, according to Caroline.  We took the subway to church where we made it just in time for sacrament meeting. It was so hot. Rio is a hot city, and it was like a hot day (for us at least!).

Rodrigo had a few meetings after church so we caught the subway back to his house to hang out with Lídia some more. There's this thing with Brazilians where if they speak English well, they'll say that they don't speak it well. I think those who honestly don't speak it well just don't admit to speaking it at all. Lídia and Rodrigo both said that they didn't speak it well, but they spoke English really really well, especially Lídia. She and Caroline just talked-talked-talked.

We got lunch ready, and Rodrigo got home, and we ate. And finished packing.

And took pictures.

And said sad good-byes.

And left.

There were protests in all of Brazil that day, about 1.5 million protesters in São Paulo, and others in every large city. We didn't hear of any problems getting around in Rio, but we went to the airport early just to be sure.

Our round-trip tickers were out of São Paulo, so we first few to the Guarulhos airport on a regional plane and then had a few hours of layover.

Guess who we got to see one last time! IT'S LOLA AGAIN! She works at the airport and we messaged her when we got in. Things were hectic for her, but she made it to our gate about 5 minutes before we had to board. Just in time for one last selfie!

Finally we settled into our seats for the long and uncomfortable ride back to real life.

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