Saturday, March 21, 2015

Brazil, Day 8: Back to Rio, Copacabana

We felt bad that Lídia was back at home alone with Levi, so we decided to head back first thing in the morning. So we woke up at about 7 AM and packed up, and got ready for the 8 AM breakfast buffet at the Pousada. Fresh pineapple, mango and papaya, crusty french bread with ham and cheese, and a couple of different kinds of juice.

After that we headed down to the dock and bought tickets for the next schooner back to the main land.

Here's Rodrigo and I on the dock headed to the schooner.

Caroline and I with Vila de Abraão behind us.

More shots behind us.

We took the beach route back from Conceção de Jacareí to Rio. We passed Praia do Recreio, Barra da Tijuca, Leblon, Ipanema and Copacabana. The closer we got to Rio the busier and fuller the beaches were. Rodrigo said that they like to go down to Barra da Tijuca to get away from the crowds of Copacabana.

When we got back to Rodrigo's we tried to go to Christ the Redemer, but the guy at the ticket stand advised against it because there wasn't good visibility. So instead we bought some esfihas (kind of an arabic empanada) for a late lunch, then went to the grocery store to get some stuff to bring home for the kids and to make waffles for Rodrigo and Lídia in the morning.

Then we went back to Rodrigo's house and just hung out for a while, chatting and catching up and playing with Levi. We made maple syrup and then headed out to the market at Copacabana. We bought some paintings, and some other souvenirs and walked around. Caroline finally found the hat she had been looking for! Lola had lent her a sort of white straw fedora on our 2nd day in Brazil and Caroline had been on the lookout for a similar hat ever since. We had seen them in a couple of places, but they were a bit pricey. Caroline found it for about 1/2 of what we'd seen it for elsewhere.

Once we were done there we went to a restaurant for one more Brazilian dinner with Rodrigo & Lídia. We had picanha (top sirloin), rice, beans, farofa and guarana and it was a really great last meal. 

Stuffed to the gills , and with some reluctance on everone's part, we went to cross off one last thing from our Brazil todo list. We went out for açai for desert. Caroline and I split one and Rodrigo and Lídia split one.

Here's Caroline enjoying the açai with her new hat!

We went to bed with some reluctance, knowing that Sunday was the last day of our wonderful vacation.

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