Friday, March 20, 2015

Brazil, Day 6: Sacramento to Rio!

Thursday was our last day in Sacramento, already. It went by too fast. We started by heading to the post office. We had bought a couple of things at an art/souvenir store that we wanted to mail. The post office people were nice and let us borrow a box to bring to the paper store so we could buy the right amount of paper to stuff the box with.With the box packed we went back to the post office and shipped the package.

At Maria Licia & Alvair's, Dr. Pedro was waiting to pick us up. He had invited us to come have café at his house (which actually means a full spread of bread, cake, rolls, cheese and fruit...and coffee if you're into that). So we headed up there and Caroline got a tour of his place.

At 11:00 Carla came and picked us up to bring us to the local private school where Kenia teaches English. She had asked us to come talk with the kids about the exchange program. There were about 200 super excited kids in the room. I gave a quick overview and then turned it over to questions. One kid named Danilo in particular had a lot of questions and invited himself to come live at our house. We'll see if THAT actually happens, but he and everyone we met there were very nice.

After the school we went back to Maria Licia and Alvair's and had our last lunch and then just hung out talking for a little while and then headed back to Uberaba to catch our flight to Rio. Here's a final photo in the garage at Alvair and Maria Licia's house, in the shirts they got for us. I miss them a ton!

Maria Licia and Caroline were in the back seat on the way to Uberaba and they both fell asleep so Kenia and I got to chat just the two of us the whole way up there. It was like when I was an exchange student again. Kenia and I used to talk all the time. She'd explain stuff about Brazil and I'd explain stuff about the US. Except I was 16 at the time and I probably told her all the wrong answers. She was a great host sister and I had missed her a ton! We agreed that when our kids are older we'd swap them for a year.

Rio de Janeiro!

We got to Rio right on time (about 9 PM) and Rodrigo was there waiting to pick us up. Rodrigo was in the same mission district as I for quite a while and we got to be good friends. I was very excited to see him again! We flew into the airport close to his apartment so our ride home wasn't very long. There we met his wife Lígia and their son Levi. They have a very nice apartment in Rio not terribly far from Copacabana. Best of all, they have air conditioning!

After chatting for a while and having another snack we headed to bed. 

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