Thursday, March 19, 2015

Brazil, Day 3: São Paulo - Lola & Marcos, Sacramento!

Caroline here!  I thought I'd take the helm on this post :)

We had a great day on Monday!  We woke up and made pancakes for Lola and Marcos, and they were pretty good!  But in my opinion, the breads, cheeses, amazing fruits and juices were way, way better!  Let's just say we ate well!  We spent some time getting ready and then we were off to 25 de Março! 

25 de Março is pretty much a gigantic market where all of the street vendors in Brazil go to buy all of the stuff for their shops, and it was pretty awesome!  Lola warned us that people would pretty much be all over us trying to get us to buy stuff, and boy was she right!  We got ambushed by people trying to sell little massage devices.  Just walking down the road, and all of a sudden, there is a big plastic massage thing buzzing on your shoulder.  Surprise!  The item they seemed most anxious to sell us was an extendable selfie stick.  They were all yelling "SELFIE!" in a very portuguese accent sort of way. 

We found some great items, and it was a lot of fun to look around and shop!  After we had finished, we headed over to Mercado Municipal for lunch!  Mercado Municipal is where all of the farmers from all over Brazil used to bring their goods to sell.  Now it houses a lot of stand with great fresh fruit, meats, cheeses and lots of other things!  Plus, they also have some great restaurants!  We opted for pastels, and we got one Bacalhau pastel and one  Nordestino pastel.  These things are GIANT!!!  Plus I was still full from breakfast.  I only ate half, and brought the rest home, figuring I would leave it for Lola and Marcos, but then later I got hungry and ate the rest, and it was SO amazing. 

After eating lunch we walked around the fruit stands.  They let you try whatever you want before buying it, so we tried a few things.  Dragon eye and pinha were my favorites, and Michael loved the caju (the actual fruit where cashew nuts come from).  They were so amazing and fresh!  I cannot overstate how much better fruits and juices are in Brazil!

After Mercado Municipal, we headed to the train, which we took part way, and then went to catch the bus the rest of the way home.  But something was going on with the busses, and the lines were so long and no busses were coming, so we gave up and took a cab home!  I may have fallen asleep on the way :)

We spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out all together, nibbling on fruit, goiabada and cheese, chatting and being warned about the insane amount of food people would try to feed us in Sacramento, our next stop.  We had heard that Marcos collected license plates, and we just happened to have a pile of our old license plates in our garage, so we brought them along as a gift for Marcos.  He was over the moon when we gave them to him, it was adorable.  I'm really glad they have a good home now!

Then it was time for us to catch a cab to the airport to head off to Sacramento!  We had such an amazing time with Marcos and Lola!  They are such genuine, kind people, and we're so glad to call them our friends! 

We got to the airport with plenty of time to spare, and hopped on our flight to Belo Horizonte, and then on to Uberaba.  We flew Azul Airlines for our in-country flights, and they were much more friendly than the airlines we are used to!  The pretty much gave you whatever you wanted.  If you couldn't decide which snack to pick, they gave you one (or even sometimes two!) of each. 

Sacramento doesn't have an airport, so we flew into Uberaba, which is about 45 minutes away.  The husbands of Michael's former host sisters, Gustavo and Jonas, were kind enough to come pick us up at 11:00 PM.  They had never met Michael, but I don't think it was too hard for them to pick us out of the crowd :)  They were very kind and very friendly, but didn't speak much English, unlike the other friends we had visited us until then.  So I began the fun game of listening super hard to try to pick out any words I might be able to understand.  It actually was pretty fun, and I found that I was understanding a lot more than I thought I would!

We pulled in to Sacramento at about midnight, and guess what?  Pretty much the whole family was there waiting for us--to join them for dinner!  I knew Brazilians ate later than Americans, but midnight?  That's dedication!  It was really so sweet, and it was an amazing Macarrao dish!  MariaLicia (Michael's host mom) is an amazing cook!  It was so great to meet her, and her husband, Alvair, and their daughters, Carla and Kenia.  The best part, though, was seeing how much they all loved Michael!  It was the sweetest, like he was an honest to goodness member of the family!  We all stayed up chatting until about 1:00 AM, and then we fell asleep in record time!  It was an amazing day!


AnnaMarie said...

1. I love this. 2. WHY didn't you buy a selfie stick?! 3. I want to go to Brazil for the fruit and juices!

Dani Scalon said...

Que demais Michael! Pena que não pude acompanhá-los na 25 e mercadão...