Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Brazil, Day 0: Grand Forks & Fargo

Day -1, before leaving for Fargo
Day zero started with a panic and a rush. We were in Grand Forks, North Dakota where Caroline's parents were kindly watching the grandkids while we went to Brazil for a week.

Caroline and I woke up at about 6:30 and saw a text from the airline. Our flight from Fargo to Chicago was canceled due to weather. We got dressed quickly and I got on the phone with the airline. Caroline tended to Sophie who decided to be sick and was throwing up.

By 7:30 I was still on hold, but everyone was up and fed and we headed to the airport. 1/2 way to the airport United Airlines finally answered the phone and we started working on getting us to São Paulo. Initially they offered a later flight through Chicago, but at this point we didn't trust the weather there. Then they routed us on Delta through Minneapolis and Houston. Then the phone lost coverage and the call dropped.

Sophie threw up in a bag in the van.

When we got to the airport we were happy to  find out that the United rep had finalized our changes despite the dropped call, and we were even upgraded to the premium economy class.

Now it was 9:30 and our flight left at 11:00. Security at Fargo wasn't even open yet since they hadn't had any flights yet that day so we waited around for a bit. Caroline was getting over whatever Sophie had so we ordered an Italian BMT from subway: she ate the bread to calm her stomach and I ate the meat and veggies.

When we got to Houston we realized that our friends from BYU, Dan and Amber, lived not too far from the airport and we had several hours before our flight to Brazil left! We called them and they kindly came and picked us up, fed us some delicious Whataburger, introduced us to their kids and gave us a tour of their home! We were very happy to get to see them again!

We made it back to the airport in plenty of time, avoided the REALLY long lines at the United counter and got on our flight in plenty of time. 

The best part of day 0 was when we got our tickets printed at the counter right when we got to Houston.  The seats weren't next to each other and they had Caroline continuing on to Rio.  We were confused and wanted to make sure our bags wouldn't end up in Rio so we asked the agent at the counter.  They agreed that it was really weird that it had printed out a ticket to Rio, and they assured us that our bags wouldn't end up there. 

Fast forward until after dinner when we are about to board the plane.  We approached the ticket counter again and Caroline asked if we could be seated together.  The agent said, "Well, sure, but you ARE in first class!"  We did a double take at her ticket and sure enough, it said first class! 

Caroline quickly assured the agent that sitting together was no longer necessary, but someone in there someone said the seat number, and a lady nearby said, "Oh, that's MY seat number!"  We turned around and Caroline said, "Well, mine has the seat number and it says 'Sarah Moore' right here!" (Side note: Sarah is Caroline's legal first name).  The lady then responded, "But I AM Sarah Moore!" Then we all had a good laugh and told the other Sarah Moore that we had almost canceled her ticket to Rio.  So that's the story of how Caroline almost got to sit in first class :)  At least we got to sit together after all!

Then we were off to Brazil!

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