Sunday, January 18, 2015

Kitchen Update January 18

It's been a few weeks since the last kitchen update. We took a few weeks off for Christmas so we'd have time to make presents for the kids and help them make presents for each other. Then we went up to my dad's house for New Years, then last week all we got done was putting up the rest of the shelves and cork.

This week we started getting back in the kitchen remodel groove. We cut the trim and window sill, and then we were ready do put in the backsplash!

We only got this side up, we're going to do behind the stove and dishwasher when the rest of our tile arrives, hopefully by next weekend.

We'll grout it next week.

We also go new switches.

The two for the kitchen are dimmer switches (though we don't have dimmer CFL bulbs yet). The other is for the garage, which I turned right side up and moved over next to the garage door instead of in the middle.

And a new outlet with USB ports!

We had replaced the outlets by the sink and above the stove with rectangle styled GFCI outlets soon after moving into the house, so those were already white and in good shape. Our other outlets and switches were all mismatching, painted over multiple times and grimy.

We even replaced the weird ceiling outlet. That work box isn't grounded like most of the rest of them in the house and whoever put it in snipped the grounding wire (if it was even hooked up) so we put in a GFCI outlet up there.

So, nothing too exciting, but at least we're back at it!

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