Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Calvin's first carving

The other day I (Michael) sat down with Calvin, Ryan and Sophie all we made some soap carving. The kids always seem to want to use the caving knives, and I remember carving soap in school once or twice as a kid, so I thought they'd have fun trying it. 

They all did a nice job, but Calvin's was the most imaginative, so I wanted to show it off. This is his turtle. 

The kids all did a nice job cutting safely and following directions and they all went into it knowing that we were not going to be saving their creations but would use them to wash hands and stuff.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Guess whose pumpkin was the tastiest???

We carved pumpkins last week.  Here is our pumpkin line up last Wednesday and then again today.

All of the pumpkins survived except Hannah's.  I guess hers was extra tasty!  

When she walks by it she says, "My pumpkin 'sploded.  We need to fix it."

Monday, October 19, 2015

Moore Family Vacation LAST DAY!!!!

Well, our final day of family vacation finally came!  We were sad to see it come to an end, but at least we went out with a bang!  We had a great day!  Most of the grown ups went golfing while AnnaMarie and Abbey and I stayed behind to entertain the children, because we're nice like that!  AnnaMarie had some super cute art projects up her sleeve, and the kids had so much fun doing them!  

Golfing was a big hit with everyone who went, even though it was a little chilly and rainy.  They had a great time!  After golfing there was some archery going on with the kids in the yard, some games, and of course, a lot of tubing!  Michael and I were in charge of food that day, and we made tin foil dinners in the indoor fireplace, which worked out great!  It was a nice day to have to be camped out around the fire :)

The pictures of us tubing in the evening of that last day are some of my very favorites from the entire week.  We just had so much fun!  What a bunch of nuts we all are, and it's so much fun to be nuts all together.  Here's to one excellent Moore Family Vacation!  So glad everyone could make it.  I love our family!

Art time!

Painting rocks!


Assembling fairy gardens:

Goofing off with this telescope:

Playing outside:

Making binoculars:




Snoozy little Aiden:

Melanie was very interested in this deer:

Awww, BJ and Christy!

Babies in a tub!

Sisters and babies!

Grandpa and Melanie:

Abbey playing with Hannah:

Hannah being a goofball:

William getting in on the action:

Grandpa taking a turn as captain:

Hannah helping out:

Melanie being cute:

Michael and Hannah, waiving form the dock:

Benjamin and Christy taking a turn:

Benjamin was trying so hard to flip them:

But Christy won out in the end:

 Me and Christy taking a turn!




Michal and Hannah:

Hannah and her buddy Carolin:

Chilly brothers:

 Tyler and BJ and Christy take a turn!

Marianne and Hannah watching from the boat:

Michael and Hannah


Me and Christy take a turn!


Haha!  These make me laugh so hard!

 Cute Jane:

Me and Ryan, taking a turn:


 Hannah taking another boat nap!

AnnaMarie and Aiden:

No hands!

Giving the "go faster" sign:

Me and Michael:

Aww, the love boat!

Attempting to stand up:

Didn't go so well:

Tyler and Michael:

Me and my Hannah girl:

Benjamin joins the party:

Riding the tube like a boss.


Love this one:

Carolin and Benjamin

Carolin and Benjamin and Dad:

Michael cooking the tin foil dinners:

Our very last rootbeer tasting!  Sure was fun, guys!