Sunday, December 21, 2014

Kitchen Update December 21

Lots of good stuff happened this week!

Almost everything happened in the first half of the week since we did some Christmas activities this weekend. It was nice to not be scrambling with kitchen stuff all of Saturday.

Drop Leaf!

Last week we got the counter tops fastened. This week we got the drop leaf in place.

Party mode:

Not as party mode: 

It's hard to see in the picture, but the last slat of the drop leaf is missing. The drop leaf needs clearance to get past the sliding door's trim that we'll be putting on soon. The dowel that we used as a hinge pin goes through that gap and has a hole with a wooden pin in it to stop it from working its way out. 


The water is hooked up again. It's the same faucet we had before, but we like it and it works, so there's no reason to change.

Garbage Disposal!

Some friends were replacing their garbage disposal and said they thought it leaked. I thought it might just be one of the connections and took it to try it out...

...but it really had a cracked housing which really did leak.

Then another friend heard about it, and mentioned that he had an extra disposal in his garage that his wife wanted him to get rid of. And that's how we became the proud owners of a 3/4 horse power Montgomery Ward garbage disposal.

Pendant Light!

With the ceiling painted it was finally time to hook up the dome light again and replace the bare light bulb above the sink. Caroline picked up this pendant light at the ReStore for a couple dollars. It fits in well. 

New Kitchen Table!?

We didn't make this. Our old kitchen table was given to us about 6 years ago when we moved to Fridley. It was already well-used when we got it. We beat it up pretty bad, culminating in a minor jig saw accident while cutting a board for the kitchen project.

This one came up for free on Craigslist and we were the lucky ones to get it. It's solid oak and came with a matching bench and 4 chairs. Yay!

Painted Wall!

The back wall is finally painted.

Cupboard Doors!

The doors are finally back up on the cupboards!

With new knobs...

...and hinges.

(Some of the) Shelves!

We also got some of the shelves back up. We just cut dowel segments and drilled holes, so the shelves aren't adjustable. We never moved them once since we moved in, so that'll probably work for us. We can always put in some sort of adjustable track if we decide we want it later.

We lined the shelves with more of the cork that we used under the counter tops.

We only got these shelves in. We'll hopefully get the others in next week!

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Abbey said...

Good work! We unwallpapered and repainted a bathroom this week and that was enough home repair to last me a while! This is all very impressive and it looks awesome.