Sunday, November 16, 2014

Kitchen Update: November 16

Well, one more week and a little more progress...

This is a hand plane I've been working on. Oak sole, maple sides. 

Double checking that we have enough wood pieces sanded to use a counter tops.

This is for the short counter top next to the stove. After arranging everything the way we wanted them I flipped them all sideways then used a paint roller to spread glue all over them. Then they got flipped back up right and clamped.

Once they were clamped one way we flipped the counter top over and clamped it from the bottom to prevent bowing.

Once it was dry I cut it with the circular saw and started sanding and planing. I need to finish the plane in the first picture so I can really get this finished up.

Once it's planed, sanded and fastened we'll finish it, so it'll be a bit darker than this. I'm not sure yet if we're just going to use butcher block oil or if we'll use poly or what. We're leaning towards poly at the moment...

Not kitchen related we also fixed up this old iMac my dad gave us a long time ago to be a kid media computer. Hannah has started poking screens so Caroline's laptop isn't a good option any more.

I configured the video to display upside down, then we drilled holes in the base and screwed it into the ceiling in the basement where it's out of reach of the little grubby fingers.

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