Sunday, November 9, 2014

Kitchen Update: November 9

This week Caroline got a lot of stuff primed and some first coats of paint on the cupboards. We're considering making the bottom cupboard a bit darker. It needs one more coat anyways.

We're trying to get the cupboards painted a few weeks before the kitchen is done so that when we stick pans and stacks of plates in there they don't stick to the paint.

The big thing we got done this week was installing our window. The old window was an old double hung. window with wooden frames and cross-bars. It was very hard to open, especially when you had to lean across the sink to do so.

The weather was pretty nice, somewhere in the 50s, and my AnnaMarie took the kids for the day so that we could work. The old window lost quite a bit of space to framing, so we decided to install a new construction window.

That meant taking out the window to the studs, instead of just removing the inner tracks.

The outside of our house is stucco, and since we were installing a new-construction window we needed to break the stucco back to the boards. We traced the outer edge of the window flange then drilled a bunch of holes along where we wanted the stucco to break. Then we used hammers and chisels to crack the stucco and tin snips to cut the metal mesh under the stucco.

Here's the window frame with the stucco removed.

We cut a board for the sill so that it's slightly slanted so that if water gets in it will run out and then installed flashing around the whole frame.

We leveled it and screwed it in.

After dinner we framed in sides and top. We'll wait for the inside sill until we get the tile backsplash up so we can cut it just right.

Coming up this week: Counter tops and backsplash? Tune in next week to find out!

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