Sunday, November 2, 2014

Kitchen Update November 2

There was no kitchen post last week because we didn't very many things done. The one HUGE thing we got finished was the tile. Caroline grouted the kitchen floor and did a great job.

This week was more productive, things are starting to come together.

Our main goal right now is to get the stove/dishwasher/fridge wall all done. We're working on other stuff too, but that's the focus. 

This picture is old. That tall cupboard at the back left has always been a weird one. It's too deep to really keep organized or get things in and out easily.

Our plan is to turn it into a roll out cupboard. It won't be quite like this. Ours will actually roll on the floor instead of on tracks and be beefy enough to store mixers and #10 cans of food storage, etc.

Since it's going to be a roll-out, we wanted it to be deeper than it was. I forgot to take a couple of the pictures here, so you'll have to imagine a little bit.

I cut plywood sheets to the right height and width. You can't just glue or screw two edges of plywood together though, so I used a router and cut slots in the edge of the existing cupboard (below) and the plywood, and glued them together with a piece of wood in the slot (a biscuit joint).

Then, to add strength and to make the seam between the nice existing oak and the new plywood disappear I used very thin sheets of nicer plywood as a veneer, and glued it to the faces of the cupboard inside and out.

The cupboard is now as deep as our fridge.

On the inside used sections of PVC pipe to push outwards and hold the veneer to the walls while it dried.

Other stuff that we worked on inclued the transitions between the tile and other areas. We chiseled out the mortar and grout that overflowed where they were supposed to go. For the transition to the basement stairs we just put in a piece of wood and an aluminum cove.


For the transition to the living room I couldn't find a pre-made transition that was as wide as I wanted. All Home Depot has was a 2 inch transition. So I bought a 4 inch wide piece of oak and cut my own transition on the table saw.

The edge of the tile is a little jagged (it's one of the cut edges) so we're capping it with a piece of aluminum. 

There's always been an 8 inch gap between the fridge and that tall cupboard (or between the fridge and the dishwasher -- depending where the fridge was). We decided to scootch the dishwasher over and add a skinny cupboard between it and the stove. The inside of the cupboard is 5 inches wide, plus the inch and a half for the wood makes 6.5 inches wide, which leaves just enough room to get the fridge in and out. I still need to make the trim, drawer face and door.

Caroline finalized the color selection and started painting. This wall is still wet in the picture. It's not quite so shiny this morning.

Caroline also found baseboards she liked at ReStore. It was just $4 for all our baseboards!

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