Monday, October 27, 2014

The most wonderful time of the year!

It's years like these that make me realize that my long standing and firmly held belief that autumn is the greatest of all seasons is spot on!  It is like it has been gift wrapped and dropped off on our porch with all it's 65 degree and colorful glory.  I love fall!  And this has been the best weather I've had during a Minnesota fall yet.

I looked at the extended weather forecast last night and realized that today will probably be the last truly amazingly beautiful fall day.  I honestly can't believe we've made it to Halloween week with weather still in the 60's, so I won't complain.  After all, this is Minnesota!  It can't last forever!  At any rate, we spent most of our free time outside today, soaking up the beauty!  Hannah and I went to a park with AnnaMarie and the gang while Sophie was at preschool, then they came over and we played out in the yard together.  After getting the boys from school, they did their homework in the backyard and then we played around even more, until it got overcast and started to sprinkle.  It was so beautiful.  I will hold on tight to these beautiful, sunny days, and for the next 6 months when all  I can see is white, I will picture my backyard just as it is now!

We have had so many beautiful days outside enjoying the fall.  I've posted a lot of these pictures on Facebook, but I'll include them here, too.  We'll miss you, beautiful weather!  Thanks for the long, lovely visit!

Jane and Hannah at the park today.  Jane just loved on that little Hannah, and Hannah just loved her right back!


These two are best little buddies.  I love them together.

From our family photo shoot a couple of weeks ago.  Such a lovely evening:

From a camping trip we took:
Family selfie after picnicking and playing soccer at the park:

Out for a walk in North Dakota with aunts and cousins:

I love these three.  They had a snack picnic out on the hill behind Grandma's house and then rolled down the hill in the picnic blanket:

Playing in the leaves int he back yard:

 Out for a walk at the nature center:

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