Saturday, October 11, 2014

A Very Worky Week

You can't be behind schedule if you don't have a schedule.

In other news, our kitchen project has finally picked up steam. We sat down and made a schedule and listed out all the things we wanted to get done. 

Unfortunately I ddn't take before pictures, so you'll have to just imagine or remember how it was.

Here's what we got done:
  • Buy tile
  • Get paint chips
We haven't actually decided on colors yet, but at least we've got those color cards. Talk to Caroline if you enjoy that sort of thing or want to decide how it's going to look.

Here's a not-artists rendering of the kitchen colors according to the current plan:

 The tile color is final (we bought it) as are the cupboard handles (brushed silver metal color). The top of the dishwasher will actually be more wood, but the program didn't support changing that. And the tall cupboard behind the fridge will be a roll-out cupboard.

  • Fix microwave vent
  • Make/Install microwave shelf 
The microwave is in a very unfortunate spot. The center of the microwave is right under a joist. When some previous owner ran the air vent did he:

A. Move the joist (lots of work)
B. Route a round the joist
C. Cut a slot in the vent duct and run the duct straight up around both sides of the joist and not connect it to the exterior vent securely so it vented right into the attic.

If you guessed C, then you're correct. Here's their vent pipe. It was too flexible at the top so it didn't stay secured to the duct that it connected to in the attic, so any time we ran the fan it would just dump air up into the attic.

My vent isn't nice and straight, but I did avoid the joist, and I swapped the big round duct for a skinnier rectangular one that will get us more usable cupboard space. During the process I also replaced the cupboard ceiling bottom of the cupboard that the microwave hangs from.

We fastened the duct securely to the exterior vent and insulated it for good measure.

  • Install electric box above microwave
Previously if we wanted to plug something in on the dishwasher counter she had to snake the plug through a hole up into the cupboard above the microwave. Now we've got an easy-access outlet under the cupboards.

  • Wood putty holes
Caroline puttied over 50 years worth of dings and nail holes in the cupboards.
  • Remove linoleum 
 Caroline and our friend Allison ripped up the linoleum on Friday morning as part of prepping for the new tile.
  • Install laundry chute 
Right now when we have a dirty dish rag we either run it downstairs to the laundry tub (rarely), throw it down the stairs (but not if the rag is wet, we've got carpet in the basement) or put it on the floor by the basement door.

I've been wanting to install a rag chute under the sink for a while, and it's finally happened.

It's a 4-inch PVC pipe that slides down to the laundry tub.

  • Buy floor vent stuff  / Install floor vents
The kitchen didn't have any heat vents. At one point it did, because there was still ductwork and a disconnected register in the storage room in the baement, but there wasn't a hole in the floor for it.

We finally cut that hole open and installed a new floor vent. The kitchen is going to be so much warmer this winter. We might even avoid getting ice on the inside of the sliding door!

  • Electric for the garbage disposal
We're finally getting a garbage disposal! I'm pretty sure that Caroline has never been so excited in her life.

  • Fix up cut cupboards
Someone cut about an inch out of this cupboard at some point. Probably because their fridge was too tall. An oak 1x1, glue, clamps and a sharp plane, and you can hardly tell Once we paint it shouldn't be noticeable at all.

  • New Dishwasher / Consolidate connections
We got a "new" dishwasher from Craigslist for free (plus like a day getting it installed). It's much nicer than our old one.

The dishwasher had three holes coming up through the floor, next to three of the 4 corners. I consolidated the water, electric and drain holes into one slightly larger hole since we're going to be putting in tile and I want to have to cut as few holes as possible.

  • Cut tile backer boards
 I cut all the cement backer boards that go under the tiles. I'll install them on Monday and then on Tuesday a friend is coming over to start the tiling process!

Getting the floor done this week is going to be a big deal. We have three more "big deals" after that. The next one will probably be the counter tops (which I'm building), painting and adding backsplash.

If we manage to stay sort of on schedule we should be done with everything big before Thanksgiving and with all the little finishing touches by Christmas.

So, for those of you who have been asking, that's what's been going on with the kitchen!

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