Monday, September 29, 2014

So very behind on this blog!

Well, surprise, surprise, life keeps cruising along at full speed and I am still woefully behind on this blog!  Maybe someday when I have lots of time on my hands I will post about all of the many things we did over the summer that I never actually posted about!  But for now, I will just give a little real time update.

Life has been busy as usual!   Michael has been working hard at work and doing about a bajillion projects around the house.  I am really, really grateful that he knows how to do so many things.  It saves us so much money!  He has changed the oil on the cars, replaced the dishwasher, built a wooden planter garden, not to mention all the work he is putting in on the kitchen, plus a million service projects he is involved in with being the Elders Quorum president at church.  WHEW!  Michael definitely earns his keep around here.

I have been pretty excited about the structure that the school year brings to our lives.  I find it easier to get the regular things checked off my list each day, which is a nice feeling!  Also, I can get so much done with only 1 or 2 kids home during the day!  That part is pretty awesome.  I wish I could say that I have been taking advantage of this absolutely beautiful weather by going running regularly, but alas, I have not!  But it is on my to do list!  It's funny, as I try to think about what to write about myself.  I actually have no idea what I have been doing.  But I have been doing things, and it has been busy and exhausting!  I have been asked to serve as the Young Women's president in our ward (leader of the program for girls ages 12 to 18), so that has certainly been keeping me busy for the last couple of weeks.  It is really so much fun.  The girls I am working with are awesome, and I am really excited to get to know them better.

Ryan is loving school.  He is really doing so well in Spanish, I am really proud of him.  He continues to be our very reliable, very responsible, very bossy, very loving oldest child.  I am finding it more and more fun to do things with just him, and I wish we had more time for that!  I depend on him for so much, and I am grateful that he rises to the challenge!  He has been having some friends over to play pretty much each week, and he has really loved that!  Living out of our school district and kind of far away from other members of our church, he doesn't know many kids who live close to us, so it's pretty exciting to have friends over!  Today I finally let him watch "World's Greatest Drag Race #4" on Youtube.  I think it was the happiest day of his life (almost).  A well spent 6 minutes, for sure!

Calvin is doing great, too.  He is learning a ton in Spanish this year, and it is so fun to see his improving!  He is getting to be a better reader and doing great at math, too.  Way to go, buddy!  Sadly, a lot of Calvin's best friends from his class last year are not in his class this year, and it has been more of a challenge for him to feel like he fits in.  But I think a lot of that is Calvin and the way he perceives and decides to remember only certain things :)  I went to lunch with him at school today just to see how things were really going for him, since he has had some sad days lately, but he seems to have lots of fun, talkative little friends and be doing great.  Excpet for one little girl, who he told me had said that Calvin was her worst enemy.  So since we were sitting at the same lunch table, I asked her if that was true.  She nodded yes.  I asked why.  She said that it was because he always chased her around at recess and so she was so busy running away from him that she never got any time to play.  So I asked Calvin if he would stop chasing her.  He agreed.  Then I asked her if that meant that they would no longer be worst enemies.  She agreed.  So, well, hopefully problem solved!  I guess the school drama is mostly our little Eyore, shining through.  School really does wipe him out, though, and I think the Eyore is especially close to the surface when he is tired :)  Calvin has had a couple of playdates over the last few weeks, too, and he has loved those and already has the next 5 planned out.  He still often comes home with stories about girls who want to kiss him, or "lovebirds" as he calls them.  Calvin is still my big sweetie, possibly my best cuddler, and an all around great little guy.

Sophie is loving preschool!  She only goes for a couple of hours twice a week, but each time she goes, she has a new little treasure to give to her teacher, Miss Jenny.  Also, she was convinced that she was going to marry a little boy in her class.  "His name is Jackson and he wears a brown coat.  And that is all I know about him."  Each time we would be waiting to go in the classroom and he would come breezing through the double doors with his mother, she would nonchalantly say "There's the man I'm going to marry."  Unfortunately today she informed me that she was no longer going to marry him.  I asked why.  She said that it was because he said that he could beat her in a game of...something (she was a little vague on the details)...and I guess that was that.  Now he has been replaced by Roko, who apparently is "Just like Jackson, only not him."  So, yeah!  She is my chatty, imaginative little girl.  It is fun to be able to pay more attention to her games and the things she likes to make up, now that the boys are in school all day.  Today her favorite thing was taking a white bedsheet and having me tie it around her shoulders so she could have a very long cape.  She did, however, have a falling down fit when I told her that we would not be wearing it in the car.  I am mean.  But Sophie is getting better at cleaning her room and is often really great at playing with Hannah when I ask her to.  She despises being alone.  I am also mean because today I made her use the bathroom in the basement since Calvin was in the upstairs one.  She was whining about it for so long that Calvin was actually already finished, but I made her use the downstairs one anyways, just to prove my point, which I think was "I am your mother so you should listen to me because I usually have good ideas."  We got together with a little friend from her tumbling class from the summer, and she was so thrilled to be playing with her and has been talking about her ever since.  Also, she is, of course, still the president of the Jane fan club.

Hannah is finally 18 months old this week!  She is a very funny girl.  Lately however, she has gotten like 6 teeth at the same time, so she oscillated between totally awesome and pretty naughty, which I am hoping is just the chronic dental pain talking!  Poor little thing.  But when she is not being totally naughty, she is an awesome dancer, loves to help, it really great at sitting and looking at Sophie's special tiny things or the legos (things that are usually off limits) for a really long time when the big kids aren't home.  She gets so excited when I let her play with them, I just can't resist!   She loves to be outside and is always brings us our shoes and her shoes.  She knows which shoes belong to which person now, and even bring us the right ones.  She is talking a ton and I love having that window into her little brain.  She is not eating much at all these days (I assume this is connected with the teeth coming in), but I can still rely on saltines, cereal, grapes, noodles, and sometimes lunch meat.  She still loves Michael the best.  I hope that never changes, because it's pretty adorable.

So that's us lately!  Life is exhausting, but good.

Here is a Family of 6 selfie we took after playing family soccer at the park on Friday night, and it was so much fun :)

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