Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Hannah at 16 moths

Well, folks, I've been itching to do some posts about my kids, and what they are like these days.  I thought I would wait until I was all caught up with the other blogs, but alas, if I wait that long, I'll miss the stage they are at entirely!  So, today I'll start with my little Hannah Banana.  She is 16 months old already.  Crazy how time flies!  She eats like a little bird, sleeps well, and is mostly a cheerful, laid back, funny little girl.  I just took her in for a check up and she was 24 lbs and I forget how tall :)  But it was the 80th percentile for weight and the 40th percentile for height.  I remember Sophie being such a small little thing, and so I find Hannah's extra rolls particularly endearing.  She finally has enough hair for piggy tails, and it looks like her hair will be just like Sophie's--blonde and curly and slow growing!

Here are a few things I want to remember about 16 month Hannah:

-When she is ready for a nap or bedtime, she is R.E.A.D.Y.  Since I'm a softie, I still generally put her to bed with a cup of milk, although we said goodbye to the binky a couple of months ago and haven't really missed it since.  But she will wave goodbye wildly to anyone and anything she passes while being carried off to bed, prefers to be put in bed right away with no snuggles whatsoever, where we sing her a song and hand her the Princess Anna doll.  She hugs her doll, snuggles into her blankets, and is happy as a clam.  I like bedtimes with this girl!

-As I said, Hannah doesn't really like to snuggle much at all.  Unless someone else is snuggling me.  Then she gets all indignant and inserts herself into the middle of the snuggling action.

-Hannah loves to dance.  She dances all over the place, and will dance on command.

-Hannah loves to brush her teeth.  She has finally mastered giving the toothbrush back afterwards, which took quite a lot of work.  I can generally solve any problem she has by asking her if she wants to brush her teeth.

-She will sit willingly while I put her tiny piggy tails in, but usually only if she sees me doing Sophie's hair first.

-Often times she will start to holler at meal time, and it takes me a while to figure out that she is asking for a big person cup or fork.  She just wants to be big!

-She loves freezie pops, but she calls them "Blue-y".  I'm not sure why.  Maybe the first few times we gave her blue ones?  Anyways, if she comes up to you and demands a blue-y, you'll know what she wants now!

-Hannah has lots of words and a couple of phrases.  She says our whole family's names, Grandma, Grandpa, Christy, the names of most of her cousins and a couple of friends, she says please, thank you, i love you, help me, outside, dog, downstairs, play, drink, milk, hungry, dog, up, down, eskimo (for eskimo kisses), most facial features, foot, toe, shoes, diaper, stinky, all clean, and more that I'm probably forgetting.

-If you ask her what any given animal says she will loudly and proudly yell "MOOOOOOOO!"  When coached, she will also give an occasional "ROAR".

-If I whisper to her, she will whisper back, and it's pretty adorable.  When she's goofing around, I will often whisper-chant to her "Where you gonna go, whatcha gonna do" really fast, like it's one word, over and over again, and she will try to do it back, which generally sounds like "whaya whatcha" over and over again.

-She loves ice.  If I give her a little cup of ice to run around with, she will be happy indefinitely.  Well, at least until it melts.

-She loves playing in the water.  She was super brave with the sprinkler until one time I turned it on and she was too close to it.  It was an oscillating sprinkler and it kept moving up and down, spraying her right in the face as she wailed.  But then someone stubbed their toe or something and it took me a minute to get over to her, so by the time I did, she had really had it with that sprinkler.  She doesn't like them anymore.  But she still loves bath tubs, kiddie pools, the beach, anywhere with standing water!  And she will still tolerate the sprinkler as long as she is firmly in charge of when, if and how she will get wet.

-Daddy is still Hannah's favorite.  She will almost always give him all the kisses and hugs.  She LOVES to find him in the mornings and bop around on the bed, whacking him in the face and loving on him.

-Hannah loves dogs.  She is so happy anytime there is a dog around.

-Hannah loves to play with her big brothers and sister.  I am so glad that she has them.  They are so good to her.

-Hannah is a bit of a picky eater.  But, like my other children often do, she changes what she is picky about pretty frequently.  So I never know across the board what she will like or not like.  Lately she eats lunch meat, green smoothies, toast, blueberries, cucumbers, watermelon, cereal, noodles, and most shredded meats pretty reliably and will not touch (except to throw it on the floor) bread, sandwiches, bananas, fruit cup type fruits, cooked vegetables, anything creamy including yogurt, cottage cheese, ice cream, whipped cream and the like, cheese slices, or apple sauce.

-Hannah loves slides and swings, and has had a great time at parks this summer.

-My favorite game to play with Hannah is when I hide (very obviously) behind a wall or a piece of furniture and she runs with all of her might to come find me, then I "surprise" her, then she gives me the biggest hug ever.  We've been playing it for months, and it never gets old.

-Also, Hannah is a fun baby to surprise.  Even if she doesn't know if I'm there and I jump out from behind something to surprise her, she is delighted, and not troubled about it at all.  It's fun.

-Her favorite song is the Hello Song (we sing it in the kids' primary class at church), and she still is occasionally known to belt out "Let it go" from Frozen. 

-The other day she pinched her finger in a door and cried and held her hand up to my mouth.  It took me a few seconds to realize that she wanted a kiss--she had never asked for one on an owie before.  It was cute, and I smooched her hand and she ran off to play.

-She had the most fun of her life today when I let her run free in the van while I gave it a thorough cleaning.  She was so happy.

So here are some pictures of our sweet little love muffin:

I love these four!

This girl really, really loves her daddy:

Sophie teaching Hannah how to go down stairs:

Giving Sophie a smooch:

Finding Sophie's nose:

Happy little sweetheart:

Me and my girl:

Sisters having fun:

Hannah asleep in her crib last week:

She loves cheerios:

And slides!

Steely blue eyes:

Wait for me!

I love pictures like this:

Learning how to bowl with Aunt AnnaMarie:

Climbing in the zebra pool at AnnaMarie's:

Eating raspberries off the bush in the back yard:

Showing me her belly button:

Sticking some ham on my shoulder:

Eating noodles:

Love when I find these guys playing together:

Lawnmower time:


Playing with her buddy, Nathan.

Trying to ride that trike:

Snoozing with me the other night after waking up sad in the middle of the night:


AnnaMarie said...

Such sweet pictures. I love that girl! I have never heard her say all those words...I am missing out!

Abbey said...

I think I need to skype with Hannah one of these days. :) She's such a sweetie and I love all the pictures!