Sunday, August 10, 2014

4th of July in Ironwood!

We spent the 4th of July visiting Grandpa up in Ironwood, and it was such a nice visit!  We had been in Grand Forks visiting my parents, then we drove home, picked up Michael, and then turned around and drove to Ironwood!  It was a very very long day.  Ryan stayed in Grand Forks because he was attending a Lego robotics camp there the following week, so this trip it was Me, Michael, and the three younger ones.  We missed Ryan, but it sure was a fun trip!

On the fourth of July we had a somewhat lazy morning (we were so tired!), went grocery shopping, grilled burgers for lunch, and then headed over to Wakefield for the parade.  We got to watch in with Grandpa, Janny, Reeny and her family, and we got to see Brett, Sherry and Pearl, too, so that was fun!  The kids LOVED the parade and got a ton of candy, which always makes it even more exciting. 

After the parade we came home for naps for the kids, and then we grilled out again (those burgers were SO good!  Dad is the original grillmaster) and then did some fireworks in the front yard.  The kids had so much fun, and Calvin and Sophie were braver than last year, so that's good!  Hannah didn't even seem to mind. 

When it got dark, we headed out in the van to find some big fireworks to watch.  It ended up working out perfectly, a nice fairly short display that was just right for the kids! 

On Saturday we had planned to head out to Black River Harbor and meet up with Reeny and the gang.  The kids had a great time for an hour or so, but we ended up getting there earlier than we had planned and the kids were definitely ready to go after the hour or so we spent there, so we ended up missing Reeny and the family, which was a huge bummer!

But the kids did have a great time on our beach picnic with Grandpa.  Sophie was fearless--that freezing cold water didn't bother her in the slightest.  Calvin was not as enthusiastic about the water.  Hannah was very enthusiastic about eating sand.  It was a lovely, beachy lunch!  After lunch we went for a short hike, which the kids really liked.  Then we headed home for more fireworks and naps and watching the world cup!  The kids have so much fun playing at Grandpa's house.  And Hannah was just the right age for playing peek-a-boo in the french doors in the living room.  It was a great trip.  Thanks for letting us come, Dad!

Michael and Dad at the parade:

Michael's cousin Marcy and Hannah with their suckers!

Giving Reeny a big hug:

Watching the parade:

Hanging out with Janny and the Brackets:

I LOVE this one!  Sharing a sucker with Janny:

Cute little parade watcher:

Big hugs for Janny:

Laying on the grass at the parade:

Going to see Sherry and Brett and Pearl.  Hannah was in love with that dog!

 Me and my girl:

Playing in the yard and Grandpa's.  Love that face:

She is such a little sweetie:

Sophie and Calvin with Daddy:

My three patriotic kiddos:

Picking flowers in the grass:

Playing soccer:

Being so brave with the sparkelers:

Running through the smoke bombs:

Watching fireworks:

Me and Hannah:

Smoke bomb in a can:

Sophie and Calvin on the beach:

Hannah and Sophie playing in the sand:

Hannah being cute:

Sophie's favorite game was turning herself into a cinnamon donut:

Here is the cinnamon donut, running off into the waves:

Happy little Hannah with her Daddy, playing a dip the toes in the water game:


Funny little Hannah face:

Me and my sand-eating monster:

 Sophie on the beach:

Kids and Dad on the beach:

Eating more sand!

Kids on rocks:

Holding hands on the way back reminded me of this picture from two years ago:

Hannah in a swing!

Sophie and Grandpa, on a stroll:

Hannah wanted to point at and touch every leaf:

At some waterfalls:

Being a forest ninja:

Baby facepalm:

Piggy back ride with Mom:

And with Dad.  I love this picture:

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Awesome pictures! I love the cinnamon donut idea!