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Guess what?  I went to Europe in June!  And here it is, almost August!  This summer is speeding right on by.  If I tried to pack all of that European goodness into one post, it would be simply too long, even for my standards.  So I'll start with Zürich!

In 1995 my family moved to Zürich for a job and we stayed for about a year and a half.  I have such fond memories of beautiful Zürich!  So when my mother called and told me that she was presenting at a conference in Switzerland in June and asked if I would like to come, guess what my answer was??!!??!!  So on Fathers Day (very sorry about that, Michael!), my sweet loving husband dropped me off at the airport where I met up with my big sister, Kelly, and we squealed like little girls and made our way to the gate.  And just like that, we were off on our big adventure!

We met up with my parents in New York City and flew directly from there to Zürich.  Guess what, in case you didn't know, flying without children is, oh, a bazillion times more fun than flying with children.  I slept for 7.5 hours of the 8.5 hour flight.  It was magical!  And then it was Monday morning and we were in the middle of downtown Zürich!  We shopped, visited favorite sites, ate delicious food, you name it!  As a twelve year old, I would take the train from my house in Horgen (about 15 miles around the lake) all by myself and meet up with friends to go shopping and just hang out in the city.  I don't know of anywhere else on earth where that would even be thinkable, but it is in Zürich!  It was so much fun to be back, and I was on a nostalgia high the whole time!

Me in front of Lake Zürich:

By some Swiss shops on a cobblestone street:

Mom and Dad:

Kelly on the swings at the Lindenhof, a beautiful garden that looks out over the city:

The view from the Lindenhof with my mom and Kelly:

So, we spent the day walking around and had plans to meet up with some of my dad's work associates for dinner.  However, on the way (we "accidentally" went into more stores on our way to dinner), Kelly's new skirt she was wearing was eaten by an escalator! The Swiss shopkeepers tried frantically to free her, and I tried frantically to translate.  Eventually, though, they had to cut her free, which meant she was now headed to dinner looking, well, literally rough around the edges.  So this necessitated buying a brand new dress on Bahnhof Strasse.  It's a tough life.

Here she is, getting stuck. 

She got mad at me for taking pictures and flipped me the bird right after this picture :)  Good memories!

Dinner was lovely and delicious, and we had a great time chatting with my Dad's friends.  The wife of one of his colleagues, Inken, graciously offered to come hiking with us in the alps the next day and sort of be our guide.  So we went back to the hotel for a well deserved sleep.  The next morning we woke up and Kelly and I went for a little run downtown by the lake.  It was so beautiful! 

On our run:

Then we headed to a concierge breakfast of fresh Zopf bread (honestly my favorite food in the entire world.  Better than strawberries.) and Swiss cheeses and fruits and then my Dad headed off to do some work and my mom and Kelly and I met up with Inken and headed to hike down an alp!

We drove to Vitznau, where we took a train up to the top of Rigi.  It was cloudy and windy, but beautiful still!  Then we started our four hour trek down the mountain!  Kelly and I were typical tourists, stopping every 10 feet to take another picture, but it was so beautiful that we just couldn't help ourselves!  It was very steep, and so we spent about 4 hours with our toes jammed into the front of our shoes.  Also, the trail was loose gravel for a good portion of it, which made it pretty tough to not slide right on down!

The hike down was perfect, though.  We could hear the beautiful sound of tinkling cowbells, had amazing panoramas of the alps and Vierwaldstättersee (the lake), and kept walking by these absolutely perfect chalets and bed and breakfasts.  Everything was perfect, right down to the woodpiles!  That's the Swiss for you!

Kelly getting on the train!

Mom at the top!

Me, mom and Kelly at the top of Rigi:

Hiking down through the clouds:

Sitting in some wild flowers.

It was so beautiful and I was so giddy, that I had to do this:

Kelly and me!

We found some Alpenhorns!

View of the lake:

The sound of Swiss cowbells:

Chalets in the alps:

Inken and my mom:

My mom and a view:

The three of us!

Immaculate Swiss woodpiles:

Another view of the lake:

Me and my sis and another chalet:

Wildflowers and the lake:

Kelly being silly:

Here's a funny video of Kelly "hiking":

Eventually we all made it down, and we stopped at a cafe where I had the most delicious meal of my life, up to that point--a veal cordon bleu dish that was so amazing that it made me do this.

Seriously, it was that amazing. 


On the shores of Vierwaldstättersee:


Anyways, after our meal, we dropped Inken off at home, went to visit Horgen, the town where I used to live, and then headed back to Zürich to enjoy the afternoon window shopping and sightseeing again.  It was a lovely, calm evening, and we had such a great time.  It was so nice to just be able to sit and chat with Kelly and my parents, and we had such a fun time all together, although we missed Danica something fierce.  And the next morning we headed off on a train to Italy!  But that's a story for another blog post!  Being is Zürich again was so awesome.  It was amazing to use my German again and realize I haven't forgotten it all, and it was amazing to eat fresh Zopf like 3 times a day, and see all of the sights, and share it all with my sister and parents.  It was just incredible!

And I will leave you with a picture of the mouth watering macarons at Confiserie Sprüngli:

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