Monday, July 28, 2014


So, we left Zürich on Wednesday morning and headed to Milan, changed trains, and then headed over to Venice!  And let me tell you, Venice was so amazing!  Since we lived in Europe when I was younger, I've been to lots of places in Italy, but never to Venice, so it was really fun to go somewhere new!

A view of the Italian countryside from the train window:

When we left the train station, we headed straight over to the water taxi!  It was very cool to take a boat taxi to the hotel.  Venice is an awesome city.  Our hotel was lovely, just a short walk away from San Marcos Piazza, the center of the touristy part of Venice.

Look how pretty!

 We took in the sights, shopped a little bit, looked around San Marcos Piazza, and then headed back to the hotel for some advice on where to eat.  The man at the front desk was so funny.  He told us about a place he suggested, and it went something like this:

"You must go to Rosso Pomodoro.  You go down this alley, then you turn left.  You will see many restaurants, and the people will try to get you to sit down, but do not give in, do not listen, unless you want to DIE!  Their food is not good.  Keep going, and you will find Rosso Pomodoro at the end of the street.  There will be tourists there, because there are tourists everywhere, but that is where locals eat, too."

Thank heavens we listened, or else we could have died from mediocre food consumption.  Italians take their food very seriously!  The food at Rosso Pomodoro was, indeed, amazing, and so we were definitely glad that we didn't give in to those pushy waiters at the other places!  I had the most amazing pizza.  We went back for lunch later in our trip, it was so good!

At dinner!

Kelly became a photobomb master:

Me at Piazza San Marco:

The four of us!

A gondola waiting at a little dock:

Best parents ever:

We were all exhausted, and Mom, Kelly and I could hardly walk, thanks to our little jaunt down an alp the day before, so we turned in for the night!  The next day we were up early, enjoyed a nice breakfast at the hotel, and then headed off to Murano to watch a glass blowing presentation and look around.

Murano was so cool!  The glass blowing presentation was amazing.  My camera was low on battery so I couldn't get a video of it, but it was very cool.  Then we looked around at all of the different blown glass shops and had lunch there in Murano.  We all ended up picking out a pitcher and glasses set from a little shop there and the woman who ran the store was the wife of the artist who made all of the pieces, and she was so lovely and friendly.  She even let us use her restroom, and Kelly even got locked in for a while!  It was a beautiful morning, and I loved every bit of it!

We found the Ferrari store, and I took this picture for Ryan:

Beautiful buildings:

Water taxi to Murano:

Glass blowing presentation:

They made this horse in like 60 seconds.  Crazy!!!

Cute shops:

Cute Kelly:

Cute dad:

On the water bus back to Venice:

We left Murano in the late afternoon and headed back to Venice to ride a gondola!  It was on my mom's bucket list, so of course we had to!  It was amazing, and such a cool way to see the city.  The old architecture was so beautiful, and it was definitely a highlight of the trip.  I had so much fun being silly with my sis.

Then we headed to a different highly recommended restaurant where I had the best lasagne ever.  The food this trip was just unbeatable.  We had a nice time just talking and enjoying everything!

On the way to dinner:

Best lasagne ever:

The next morning I slept in a little bit while Kelly went for a run and my mom caught a train to Lugano and my dad worked!  It felt so lovely to wake up to the sun!  My dad and Kelly and I spent the morning looking at shops and buildings, and it was so relaxing and great.

We are really cool:

We kept getting turned around, but we passed this shop with this crazy figurine in the window like a zillion times.  We affectionately called him Mister Crabhands.  I tried to sneak back later and buy it for my dad, as a gag gift, but they wanted 130 euros for it.  Um, no.  Have you looked at it?  Its a tiny naked guy with crab hands.  So I passed and opted instead for a picture. 



View of the grand canal:

 On the water taxi:

There were perfect little spots everywhere you looked!

Kelly pretending to drive the taxi and be James Bond.

Eventually we had to haul all of the luggage (including my mom's, since she already left) down the cute cobblestone alleyways to take a water taxi back to the train station. Venice was such a fun part of the trip.  It was just perfect!  Then we headed off to Lugano, Switzerland!

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