Tuesday, July 29, 2014


The last leg of our delightful trip was Lugano, Switzerland, right on the border with Italy.  It is such a beautiful lake and beautiful city!  We caught the train from Venice, stopped over in Milan again, and then headed up to Lugano.  One of the funnies moments from the entire trip was trying to catch a cab from the train station to the hotel.  We had SO much luggage, and without my mom, we only had 3 people, so we looked even more ridiculous.  Anyways, pretty much every cab that came by was a new Mercedes with leather interior, and they each would take one look at us and say "No way."  We waited through like 10 cabs.  Finally someone called the "big car" for us.  But even that cab driver refused us.  Eventually, a kind cab driver with a dinky car showed up, and he happily shoved us all in!  When we got to the hotel, he asked if he could take a picture of us with all of our luggage.  It was awesome.

We got to the hotel around 9:00 pm and so we got settled into our rooms and headed to bed!  The next morning we had another delightful hotel breakfast, this time with the added bonus of an amazing view!  And since we were back in Switzerland, more Zopf!  Hooray!  Best way to start out a day.

My mom was presenting at the conference that day, so Kelly and I and my dad took the funicular up the mountain to look around Mont Bre.  It was, once again, amazingly beautiful!  And it was so fun to goof off with my dad and sis.  We really had so much fun together!  We hiked around and checked out the little church on top of the mountain, and eventually made our way back to the funicular and back down to the hotel.

View from the funicular:

A very Swiss sign.  "EVERY MISUSE WILL BE PUNISHED."  I believe this was referring to the entire funicular, and any way you might possibly misuse it.  We didn't try, by the way.  They probably have video cameras.

First time in a funicular that I can remember!

Matchy matchy!

Kelly photobombing, once again!

Me and my Daddy:

Three goofballs:

My favorite:

View from the top of Mont Bre:

We found a park on the way down.  Dad couldn't help himself.

Such beautiful scenery:


We explored a little more in the afternoon, and in the evening we had dinner and then once we got back to the hotel, we drank soda and played cards for a very long time.  It was so much fun!

The next day, Kelly and I went for a swim in the pool and then decided to take the fun right into the lake!  It was cold but so beautiful and so clear!  We swam out to a floating raft and relaxed for a while, and had a great time.  At the pool was hilarious, though, because this weird guy kept watching Kelly do laps, and he totally creeped me out.  We now refer to him as Signore Creepy Pantilones.

Pool time:


See how creepy??!!??

In the late afternoon, we went to explore the city center and ate gelato and did some grocery shopping for chocolates, cheese, olive oil, and other things to bring back to the states with us. Then we met up with Mom for dinner at a delightful little restaurant right on the lake.  It was such a great evening, just talking and having fun together.  On our way back, we met a couple of missionaries from our church who were our proselyting, and so we offered to buy them some food and chatted with them for a while.  My mom asked if they knew their mothers' phone numbers.  One didn't, and one did.  So my mom took a picture and send a text to the one missionary's mother.  She texted back later and said that it made her whole week!  It was cute.

Gelato, baby!

Such beautiful hydrangeas on the walk:

At Lake Lugano:

One of my very favorite pictures from the trip:

 My beautiful mom and sister:

The next morning we packed up and ended up taking a boat tour of Lake Lugano before heading to the train station to catch our train back to Zürich.  The first leg was delightful and relaxing.  We ate delicious food and played cards and had a great time!  The second leg of the trip we rushed to catch the train and crammed all of our luggage on and had to stand the whole time and got in everyone's way :)  Good thing it wasn't a long ride!

We made it back to Zürich in time for dinner and a little stroll around the area where the hotel was.  Just soaking in the last little bit of our wonderful trip!  That night we spent cramming things into our suitcases and re-packing into the extra bag I brought along, hoping to avoid extra fees :)  It worked, because we got everything packed away and we were just barely under the weight limits!  YES!  The flight home was not nearly as sleepy as the flight there.  I actually couldn't really sleep at all!  Instead I watched like 4 movies.  We finally landed in Minneapolis and had to say our fond farewells to Mom and Dad.  It was really such an incredible trip.  I am so grateful to my parents for bringing me along and making it such an amazing, memorable trip.  We really had so much FUN together, I will always hold those memories close.  Thank you, Mom and Dad.  I had the most wonderful time!

Here's the sign Ryan made for me, waiting on the front door :)

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Tyler said...

Aww, I love your trip! Such great pictures. How many adult children get to do that with their parents? We should definitely start. Wait, no, that'd be way too many people for our family. How about just me and Abbey go to Mexico with Dad. Oh wait, we did that.