Thursday, July 10, 2014

Hannah's First Movie Night!

Blogging about my amazing trips sounds nice and all, but involves me going through about a bajillion pictures.  So far I haven't had the energy! 

But tonight we had a little movie night and watched Milo and Otis with the kids (minus Ryan who is still at Lego camp).  It was Hannah's first time laying down to watch a movie, and she did great for about the first hour.  She snuggled right up in between Calvin and me and went crazy for all of the animals on the screen.  It was pretty adorable!  She would point and shriek "DOG!!!!" for just about every animal.  Love our little Hannah girl!

Michael worked super late last night, so he mostly snoozed there in the middle, but it was still nice to be all together!  It was a fun night.

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