Monday, June 2, 2014

Pinewood Derby!

Way back in March Ryan had his first ever Pinewood Derby in scouts.  He worked long and hard on his car with Michael, and he was SO excited to finally race the shark car!  He designed it himself and did pretty much all of the cuts, with Michael's supervision, and did the painting and everything himself!

Ryan had a great time racing the car with the other scouts.  Unfortunately, Ryan's design must not have been very aerodynamic, because I think once he got 2nd in a heat of 3 cars, but there were no other victories of any kind for the shark car :(  But, Ryan had a good lesson in staying positive and being a gracious loser!  Which he sorely needed, by the way!

He ended up really having a great time, and was thrilled with his award for the shiniest car (kind of a stretch!)!  It was a fun night, and Ryan really had a great time.

Ryan with the shark car:

He took like a bajillion (very exciting) videos of cars racing:

Hannah had fun riding on Daddy's shoulders:

Very seriously watching the race:

Keeping Hannah busy turned out to be a full-time job:

Ryan with his friends Elijah and Adam:

Michael, me and the girls:


Ryan with his car and his award:

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