Sunday, June 1, 2014

I like being an aunt

So, it is DEFINITELY time to catch up on this blog, folks!  I have some crazy awesome things planned for the next few weeks, so it's time to post about all of the other awesome things we have been up to over the last couple of months!  In truth, this last month I have felt so devoid of energy that I just couldn't muster the enthusiasm to blog, but I hope to change all that!  Like right now!

So, way back in April one day I watched Jane, Jack and Aiden for a while so AnnaMarie and Tyler could do some shopping without to kids.  I remember feeling kind of frustrated with my kids, and doubting my decision to add more kids to my morning, but as soon as they all arrived, we had so much fun together in the back yard!  Hannah napped well and that freed me up to play outside for a while and then watch the view from the kitchen while getting a few things done.  Some days I feel like that is just what I need--to take off the Mommy hat and put something else on.  This time it was the Aunt Caroline hat, and it was so fun to do for a while.  I am way more fun as an aunt ;)

So here are some pictures of the kids having so much fun in the back yard!

Aiden loved the swing!

Swing buddies!

Jack is a sports enthusiast:

I taught Aiden how to "relax":

Selfie with the camera too close!

Best buddies:

Trying to pull Sophie:

Maybe it will work better with just the boys...

They finally got it moving with Jane pushing and Sophie pulling:

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AnnaMarie said...

You are a TOTALLY fun Aunt! My kids are so, so lucky. Love you!