Saturday, June 7, 2014

Father & Sons Campout

The annual father & sons campout was this weekend, so off we (me (Michael), Ryan and Calvin) went.

It was raining when we got there. It stopped raining after a little while and we went on a short hike. Our usual fishing spot was covered with poison ivy, and the mosquitoes were really bad on the trail by the lake so we didn't stay there long.

Back at the campsite we set up our tents and hung out around the fire for a while.

When it was all the way dark we tried to do a night hike. Calvin made it a couple hundred yards down the trail (a grassy single-track service road) before fears of vampire bats and bears were too much. We did see some regular non-vampire bats, so that may have triggered his fears.

It rained a good part of the night and almost all morning. We were going to take the canoe out, but there was intermittent lightning and the rain just wouldn't let up.

We packed up and ate breakfast. Calvin begged to go fishing, so we headed to a lake a couple miles down the road from our campsite where there's a dock. I told him that if it let up a bit we could fish off the dock, but that we weren't going to get the canoe out.

It didn't let up. Then I had this idea:

I backed the truck right up to the edge of the lake and we fished from inside the topper. We didn't catch anything -- but then we've never caught anything in this lake in the 3 years we've gone there.

After about an hour it finally stopped actually raining and just drizzled, so we headed to the dock.

We still didn't catch anything, but the boys got some good casting practice in.

All in all it was another successful father and sons campout!

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