Sunday, June 1, 2014

A visit from Brett and Sherry!

Also way back in April, Brett and Sherry were in town to catch a flight the next morning, so they were kind enough to bring over a few delicious Papa John's pizzas and we all got together for dinner and playing in the yard!  It was one of the first beautiful days and evenings of the spring, and it was so fun to be together and to be outside!  Brett and Sherry totally spoiled the kids with fun toys and then played around with them for a long time.  They loved it!  Thanks so much, Brett and Sherry!  The kids love you so much, and so do we!

Here are some pictures of the fun:


Hannah loving her princess ball, and Brett and Sherry, of course!

Couldn't stop kicking those happy little feet!

Tyler was the only one who could be bothered to smile for the camera...

Look at these crazy kids!  It was a fun evening!

Beautiful ladies!

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