Thursday, May 22, 2014

Calvin is 6!

Calvin turned 6 on the 22nd (how am I a whole month behind???) of April, and boy was he SO excited for his birthday to come.  He had been literally counting down the days for well over a month.  When you have two little sisters with birthdays RIGHT before yours, I guess that's a given!

I am on a new kick of having parties on the actual birthday whenever possible.  For little kids I just feel like it is less confusing, plus it lets me focus my birthday energy on one day instead of spreading it over more days.  I think I am a much better birthday mom if I confine it to one day, whenever possible :)  So even though Calvin's birthday was on a Tuesday, we still had his party that day, anyways.  And I was genuinely surprised at the number of people who were able to come, considering week nights are pretty busy!  He had so much fun with the planning, and of course execution of the party, and was just on cloud nine! 

This year Calvin requested a...wait for it....these were his exact words....SPERM WHALE PARTY!!!!!  He was adamant that it be a SPERM whale party.  Not a regular whale party.  But I just couldn't bring myself to put "sperm whale" on the invitations I was sending out to kindergarteners that I didn't even know.  So according to the invitations, it was a whale party :)  Calvin helped design the invitations, planned the activities, supervised the guest list, chose the treats, and helped choose the games.  He was so, SO excited.

Calvin's birthday started out great, with breakfast in bed!  Well, he started it in bed, but then asked, "Mom?  Can we bring this in there so I can chat with you guys?"  He's a sweetie!  He had waffles with berries and cream, a green smoothie, and a baby ruth bar (he REALLY wanted it for breakfast...), and he was a HAPPY guy!  Then we opened presents with him and got him all ready for school.  Then I took him to the store and he picked out doughnuts to bring to school for his birthday treat! 

After school we finished some party prep and before we knew it, it was party time!  We started a new thing where we do cake and presents as soon as possible during the party so that we don't keep parents waiting for us to open presents at pick up time :) So after a bit of education on cool and unusual sperm whale facts, we started with our healthy snack, and then dove right in with the cake, ice cream, and presents.  Afterwards, we let them crack open the sperm whale piñata, made by Michael and myself!  It was such a great piñata because lots of people had successful whacks where candy came out but the whole thing didn't explode.  It was awesome!  Then we played a couple of sperm whale themed games, and by then, it was pick up time! 

Calvin had so much fun having his friends over!  But the fun didn't stop there--once the party was ending, guess who showed up at the door??  Grandpa!  Calvin was SO excited to have Grandpa there, and we were so glad it worked out for him to be there!  So Calvin got to open ANOTHER round of presents, and then we all played for a while.  Calvin really had such a great day! 

So, here are a few things I hope I always remember about my Calvin boy at 6 years old:

-Calvin is a sweet boy--he loves to do nice things like pick flowers for me, draw pictures for Grandma, or leave a note somewhere for us.

-Calvin is the best at sharing.  He has a big heart, and even if they don't deserve it, he will pretty much always share his treat or his toy or his attention with anyone who needs it.

-Calvin loves the show "Wild Kratts", which is about two brothers who go on adventures and learn about different animals.  He actually does learn a lot from it!  But I'm still not convinced that it actually qualifies as learning time instead of screen time, although he tries hard to convince me!

-Calvin is apparently a  very eligible kindergarten man, as he is CONSTANTLY bringing home gifts and cards from sweet little school friends with hearts and "I heart you"'s all over them. 

-Calvin loves to dig around in the dirt outside.  He loves to climb trees, find worms, look at bugs, play baseball, ride his bike, you name it!  He LOVES being outside.

-Calvin is getting better at reading.  It's fun watching him learn and understand more and more.  Since he is in Spanish Immersion kindergarten, I think it has been a little slow-going, but he's finally putting all of the pieces together!  And he's started to use more Spanish at home.

-Calvin is usually the first one awake and his first stop is almost always my bed to give me a great big hug and snuggle.  He loves his mama!

-Calvin is an emotional little guy, but he's learning to have a little control over it, which is great.  Most days he can dig deep for some self control and find it and put it to good use :)

-Calvin is a good helper, especially when I'm willing to do a job with him.  He loves to work side by side.

-Calvin has a great imagination and is always coming up with awesome games to play.

We sure love you, Calvin boy!  You are so sweet, and such a joy to have in our family! 

Now, here are some pictures!

Last glimpse of 5!

Breakfast in bed!

Opening presents:

Playing in the back yard:

Calvin's whale cake:

Sperm whale piñata:



Opening presents:

Taking a whack at the piñata:

Hannah feeling troubled:


Cake time:

For his piece of cake, he wanted the whale's heart:


Grandpa's here!

Opening Grandpa's presents:

Watching the spinner things fly--the kids LOVED these toys!

Trying out the parachute man:

Michael offered to toss Katie while Calvin tossed the parachute man and see if she could fly, too.  She declined.

Goofy happy guy.

Loves his Grandpa!

Here are some pictures from Calvin's 6 year photo shoot:

Sophie really wanted to be involved, too.

Love you, buddy!  Happy Birthday!

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Miranda Moore said...

So cute!!!! I was laughing my head off at the part where he wanted to eat the whale's heart. Hilarious :)

Also, do tell your piñata-making secret.